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Author Topic: My Love Has a Dream  (Read 15639 times)
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« on: September 25, 2018, 08:32:25 am »

The Value of Peace is a Bluenote Away
by  :'(Moi the Poi

She jumped into the backseat and she flipped her lid
And said, "Give me something for nothing, like pilgrims in the olden days
How did they buy their mailorder brides
Like those S&H greenstamps that you stick on the pages
He said, "Not until the Indian girl screws with the son of the amazon queen..."
Like the frozen cherry dillybars
Valen TINO hearts and chocolate coffee beans
Then she asked for acceptance to rock and roll heaven
By grace of its light and the heart of its status
Two weeks before, she was still not a hundred percent
But of course, everything was gratis
So what was she supposed to do with that deal
The blue
The red
The purple mix
You gotta do what you gotta do
Tattoo on her heart
Your command on my wrist
So when the car stops short at the red light district,
It's like, "let's go fly a kite, up to the highest height..."
And it's left or right, honey,
Please do what they say (I mean, you don't hafto...)
'Cuz the value of peace is a bluenote away.

 Sinking From the Kitchen

he said, "I don't care if you help yourself to me ans, girl
It don't mean more than a mountain of beans
Faded YELL and Indian gear, ah...
We should have this down
    in the space of a year
    Sinking from the kitchen, baby,
    Everything from soup to nuts
    Thinking about your favorite meal
    In a restaurant, baby, no ifs, ands or butts
    And if you make some hardearned dough
    From kick, kick, kick, inside the baby
    You'll know she can't do more than that
    That bad shit got her going crazy
    My darlin' doesn't curse her future
    The golden coin inside our fuschia...
    She fell down one day, said she clearly mistook us
     "By invitation only, t-o-o-c-h-u-s..."_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Midnight comes and midnight goes
    That's it for that if you're in disposed
    Left right (lefts)
    Come mark your time
    Left right lefts go feet of mine.

and of course, what is it to you?

I Don't Clown Around

Whenever my sweetheart works under conditions
That "turn out, everybody"
With our honest permission
We go under the table,
We rock and say "no"
Hail to the no-no, hail to the "no"
Collectively speaking, a check in the mail
Scented like incense, musk and jail
"Backbreaking labor" does not even come close
Where you got that, babe, only "sweet sweats and crow"
A ways back, she sustained some thing, had to slow down,
But I don't think the extent ... yeah, man, so turn me around!
When you sign your john hancock 'cause you want to believe,
Knowing noone can tap your cell phone but a creep
Under the spill of your colorform forum
Light up, miss lazybones
And pearls of my wisdom like a toothy old dirtbag
smacks your rearend with those sweet beads of guile
she'll smack them again with her quorum of deals
And Ill wish them the best and say "I wish you were here..."
And we'd be walkin' down, walkin' down,  walkin' down that aisle...
Peace in your name, david, peace to a child...
American propaganda, South African lies,  

by racketeer


The Rose Garden

He's got a thorn stuck, mama, stuck inside
Her queen anne's lace and baby's breath,
Fool me with a phony claim,
"I'm broke...I need some dough zzzz doze..."
A couple bucks to tide me over, until the nuit check check comes in,
"Come on, girl, that b.s., honey,
 Your charge accounts are fine and dandy,
 Watching the wheels go round and round,
 That frickin' medicine isn't candy..."
 Allday suckers, lollipops, hallooo to  grayfire,and her purple hock
 So let's have ourselves a little scene,
 In our taxis or our fancy limousines
Take out your billfold and aim for the sky
I've seen nightmares and sweet little lies
Billion year old carbon, diamond in the rough
Leaving those good deals behind us
And singing about L.U.V.
He says,
"I've seen lot of bad times and poverty,
 Not a hot red scent for you or me,
And an IOU or "p.chick and cheat",
And cold winter hurdles to climb in  the spring
But let me leave you a tip about those thousand dollar contributions
chug down a stiff one before you go
help my hopeless heart to anyone who just might

There are so many, just to blab a few, and, the sun goddess shines completely at my side...
But really? MY fave rave is David Bowie. "Changes" is just unbelievable. And he applies so seriously to my life as it is.

Racketeer's Out of Bod Travels...Diary

I said to my hero, mister zero,
"do you like to play Monopoly?"
"I follow you clearly wherever you go,
 With my musical fruit and my hat in the loop
 With stars in my eyes and my eyes on the prize
 I rise and I shine
 I cross my T's and I dot my I's
 And I meet my friend for a drink at the bar
 And I do not have to go too far..."...
 He's a chocklit dwarf "star light" that was shut up and shunted
 And I pray for the power of his yellow one hundred
 I take to the sky with celestial projection
 And my "out of bod" travelogue with its location protection
 I lie there enoying my crystalized visions
 And we'll all have "a drink and a quick decision..."
 by racketeer with a smile and a dream

Everything Will b Alright
She told him she felt a little bright sun 'fluenza
He told her that she had to start again
He told her he picked out a substitute hit
But she didn't like the choice, man, they made for it...
So then she walked, crying and making a scheme,
She said "I don't like this man to hang around with me"
It's true he has a little part in my family
But if you don't want to, say no, I love you, "cheese"...
uh huh, uh huh,
Why do you scream like that?
You're waking everybody up, especially your cat
She's crying on the table, and she wants her babies back,
And I just don't know what to do, but you got to keep track
So if you don't want him, reisa, say "no, no, no"
And all the people who help you will say "good to go..."
But if you'd just be quiet, it ain't even the morning light,
So cop it off my a-hole, baby, things will be alright
Cop it off my a-hole, baby.,
Things will be alright... Cry...
Yeah...I have an idea.


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Racketeer, will this site let you or can you share a picture of this work?
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