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Author Topic: I Hope You Find Some "Peace of Mind" if you Choose to Remain Bologna  (Read 15220 times)
take ahold and p.....yoo down.
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« on: September 25, 2018, 08:32:25 am »

 Grin Angry

Screw Every Word that was Never Said
by racketeer

The blue sky was cloudy but the sun was shining
Our kids would always know what their mother missed
The windows were open in the old folk's cafe
And the red scarf he wore it, was tied to his hips.
"stay away, lady..." was the warning they gave her
"No one comes here but the nighttime thieves"*
The empty car was open with its slingback heel open toe
Obvious perfume, it's scent, its feminine mystique...
And "you know who" was the sponsor of a mutual merger at the New York ... veep, um, I mean beep!
Nu? Since when is that the beat of a heart who needs a good night's sleep?
You can read it in those papers, hon, in case you wanna see,
It's called "perseveration"
When you "make pretend" you don't, M E...I mean M G
"Are you looking for the blues? You can check your feelings, honey..."
She bummed a couple dollars for a coffee and a roll
The people on the sidewalk saw the cattalk on the corner
As she left their living earth they called salvation for their souls
____________he looked at her with total understanding of the moment...he said,_______________________________________________________
"You're the living end and not another soul to haunt"
But she was still alive although the blues had made her sorry
You write the order down and they can make it if they want
The "holy roller" rock and roll was playing to her down the beat
She made a story up and went to see it feeling like a cheat
If your conscience hurts you then you know you feel guilty
We can discuss this with the numbers, but the "do re mi" is filthy
And her dirty mouth was open, she said every word there is
The alka seltzer made her high
Pop pop fizzle
Don't mention it
The laundry
and the little one who never did
They show their lovers everything
... Screw every word that was never said.

I understand that "Now More Than Ever", a melloncamp diamond tiara, is cerebrating its 30th anniversary this year and I guess that although I am trying to stop posting "temp" goodbyes. That is a beautiful song...for EVERYONE of course, ONE who loves it.
But me? Sub...en tow still, telling our small world of fans here, as catch as catch can,of our people 'lookin' bad', as she was, but...yeah...enough for now...but...maybe they do exist and "do the willie nillies" somewhere on the outs and do some extremely impossible communication, unlike the basis for that allimportant label, but that precludes "the voices" Huh Roll Eyes...whatever.

Nowhere to go but Down (so anyway...)

I went out to the barn to feed the pig,
With her little pink face and her curly whirly jig
The trough was stocked and full of corn meal and mmmm...mum
If I could just get your number, we could "do it together" and split that bum (bum)
I said,
"Ill feed the mare and you feed the mule..."
And the stable boy, the hired help, he finished the job and went to school
Studying things about what ain't right,
Yeah, we have to get aholds of her landline some night.
Lovers in the backseat, the flag at halfmast,
Barking dogs and and yes, this breath could be my last..."
And as sweet as my doo-dee-oh
Milk chocolate and caramel
As tart as an apple that really went to town
Shine, shine, shine, shine, sparkle and shine,
Like a city sophisticate
With nowhere to go but down...(caw caw)..."she took a deep breath and checked it out..."
Not in my kingdom.

Yoda Smokes a Cigarette ( and does it once again)

Mademoiselle Duboise
From the heart and soul of your coup d'etat
From your redskinned potato rock to our man on the scene
To our sisters who we beat on
With every single hurricaine, with every tornado,
With each disappointment that kicked up a storm
Those of us remaining, who choose to stay alive and pray
To buy ourselves a ticket to live to see another day
This, of course, is constant,
As every negative thing we see
With hopes that maybe someday we will show the world some positivity
And not to regret what's over,
And not to change too much
But the "rained out" rainmakers who make the rain come real
Will try to "hush" and exert control
Like Yoda smokes a cigarette
And does it once again,
And of course, I do not doubt
That this may be with him or perhaps without,
But when faced with the past, the strongest man cries,
Well, this is what Yoda does... we are at the red balloon!
I wanted to leave the community and john cougarmellon solid clean...I know...anyways...with
something a shrink told me...
she said that she felt hurt that so many  of you guys who are labeled as celebrities with their mansions and their wealth and lifestyle,and desireabilities, who don't want to lend a hand to the field with what she calls them secretly (dr.j is what I call her, not you, dr.c)...the inbetweeners. Not so sure what that means, however, interesting. All the best...We still have far to go with other mysteries clouding  actually my issues...anyway...the best
and regards,
p.s. I am going to close my membership here with one of my favorite, favorite pages out of Xray rock and roll called "let me go"
You're gonna get it straight from that shoulder
Can't you see the party's over?
Hey, let me go
I tried giving you the velvet glove
I tried giving you that knockout punch
Hey, let me go
I find its hard, hard to be cruel, with a smile
But you'll never find that perfect love, that you think about, that you're dreaming of
Maybe Ill become a playboy,
Hang it up, groove around in those gay bars, on the west side of town
So you think I'm giving you the brushoff
No, I'm just telling you to "SHUT UP", and hey, let me go, let me go!
No, this ain't the time to waste your breath
"You're stuck for dough..."... "Hey, you can catch your death...!"
Hey, let me go!
Let me go!.

variation on jagger!God bless him...Awfully hard to share the American flag..."red,white and blue..." with someone who doesn't know you're alive. but okay
later or never again...
here is "the rosegarden", and it will be getting a very,very lot of use everytime I run into johncourgarmelon, and I can't picture this: no everytime

He's got a thorn stuck, mama, stuck inside,
Her queen anne's lace and baby's bread
fool me with a phony claim
I'm broke...I need some dough-z doats
A couple bucks to tide me over, until the government check comes in (nutchicks)*
"Come on, reis! That's bulls-h-i-t, honey,
Your charge accounts are fine and dandy,
I've seen you down, but not like this before...
What is it like to beat inside your mind?
I said, "It isn't candy..."
Watching a Wall Street lawyer as the wheels turn 'round and 'round
Allday suckers, lollypops, red and blue rivers
In purple hock
So let's make ourselves a little scene
As we go riding, in our taxis, in our fancy limousines
Take out your billfold and shoot for the sky
I've seen nightmares and "sweet little lies"
Billion year old carbon,
Diamond in the rough,
Leaving those good deals behind us and singing about L.U.V.
He says,
"I've seen lots of bad ties and poverty
Not a hot red  scent for you and me,
And an IOU or 'chick or cheat, and cold winter hurdles, to climb in the spring,
But let me leave you a tip about those million dollar deals,
Slap down a cool One before you leave
I could not say that I was a thief,
Slipping away as you cross his palm
Slipping away, as you cross his palm
Slipping away as you cross his palm,
"It was too hot to sleep" and it was not m e.
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Racketeer, will this site let you or can you share a picture of this work?
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