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Title: Proceeds to "Get Fresh"
Post by: racketeer on September 25, 2018, 08:32:25 am
Anyway, it appears to me that johncougarmellon's latest work has taken a new direction that actually began in "sad clowns and hillbillies", and has continued on in his latest c.d. his work
that he does with other female vocalists who complement his karma so incredibly, include carlene carter and martina mcbride, does not appear in the last c.d., and although it is in good fun that I sing along to "all roads to the river" (backup pat peterson) and "the mobile blues", that carlene cater matches, I constantly revert to "sad clowns...". I think one of my absolute favorites of all in life carry an invitation to share (or maybe revoked) to "hag a soul"... in one of his detours from protest to a seemingly virtual disappointment that he's dealing with, come towards an up in carlene carter's fun song about "the cops" who are "friendly" and the "extra piece of pie" that cougarmellon enjoys with his own backup on her solo...
but he knows his music like a work in progress and he certainly needs no echo. he still washes dishes after dinner.
so to him, his friend mamasaken and other people who read this and understand it, the very best.
the story of mamasaken and her lovliness appears to me as a rock and roll description of a beautiful image...and finish with this...
maybe Ill find a mellencamp cover band sometime in the future and stay away from the newer "let go of me" venue.and oh yeah...but when you dangle lasagna at an overweight chump, you won't end up too's too much, man...

oh nm, wherever he may be: proceeds to get fresh

Title: Re: Have to Mean Something (Colors and Numbers) and Mellencamp
Post by: Aeroplane2 on September 26, 2018, 07:08:51 pm
Racketeer, will this site let you or can you share a picture of this work?