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Author Topic: A Closet Queen  (Read 14242 times)
mamselle pocket-a-sweep
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« on: September 25, 2018, 08:32:25 am »

Que yo tengo amistad
Por el llueve y se llama juancito
Que espero para transit y empiezo a gritar
Aye, que digas que ya veo
Here he comes using gray and yellow crayons
Toilet water,"eau de luv"
He says he wants to marry you
"We don't force these things", she says, "You're above that, Reisa...clean it up..."
"This is no quorum tedium and they've been loving since you left the nest
but there's an open bar on 56th
Are you searching for your treasure chest?"
I do not have the access codes to what they want and I don't care
But if you need to call doctor recollect,
there's lots of "things" in your history, man... "
So "get down, dog" like one in ten...because this is what you've done to
him. Ever see a dream ... A dream...Sure, that is a closet queen.
Take over and...
a bit "hit and miss" but it works.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
How would you like it if that had been you?
That was not really a nice thing to do
So you're on the bus and you start in to yell
You're disturbing the peace and you hafto get help.

"Whoops! A bit hasty! well hey,hey,hey,hey...
"Don't tell on me...hey, let's go all the way..."
She'll come back in frustRATion to tell you "you're wrong..."
How do you know what she'll do before long?

Then she strarts screaming and crying...she knows...
She tells them "I'm sorry",
Has no place to go...
But Billie and Walrus are tight with each other
They're luvvin' like lovers and sister and brothers
oooh oooh oooh yeah...

...we all know that it is fun to have authority and seriously authorized fun sometimes without leaning on the system.

He'll Sing it too

I know you want to play their games in a nicely squared division
Wanna make it feel better when you rock around your kitchen
I wanna make you famous like your rocking' sister pinch-uh
But I can't stop and pick you up
miss Reisa hitchhike hitcher

I watch the flicks and videos
From Red Rock City SHOW
"And I know what you wanted, and "I have to tell you, NO..."...
But nothing stands for anything like music from the heart
And the voices carry on below
While you get written up in their charts.

So the yellow moon is rising and the spring is here at last
It seems like winters "never go" and the summer's in the past
But it always seems like someone's writing right along with me,
We roll the dice, right? jesus christ!
1 and 1 and 1 is 3...

...when in rome, do as the romans do...

This is totally appropriate.
darkness and midnight are 🌙...dark like the night😁then we shout.
racketeer wants to label her token 'brit and hold off. Huh?


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reisa gerber
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« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2018, 07:08:51 pm »

Racketeer, will this site let you or can you share a picture of this work?
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