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Author Topic: a funny feeling  (Read 511 times)
reisa gerber
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« on: September 25, 2018, 08:32:25 am »

][/color][/color]always the next to go...I mean, know.if any lockup locks up Ill fill in, ill place that on the record as well. Keep rock&rollin', johnnycool!
Doing Her Time
It's time to give it up&shout to
It's time to live it up
About to
To a greenhearts chain that needs a glove
Its time to leave things to the law
Don't start
Your story need a gentler buck
A clean slate every time
Sparkling champagne for sweet jayne
Cause I betcha I know what she did
With that watergun
By the silver shine
And the moon on the run
Tell us, janie,
What was the crime
That you think "I caught it" somewhere in time
Like passing a name around the courtroom
Where we scint
I'm giving up the blues
Looking s straight into your eyes
As you pay your dues
Because noone really dies
Like our drones (oy)
Instead of soldiers
Who cancel a war outside the need
To take a human life
And now sincere and so much stronger
Because we can't hold on to the sucrettes
Any longer
A "save the world" peacenick
Rides the line
Shouting "coffee curses" and thinking about
Those  caffeinated late nights up together
Writing by the fireside
Cut the cheese
Share the wine
You smoke a cigarette or two
Spilling cups and robbers
With your kissykissy breath thing
The value of your own rights evaporate
Into your smile
Doing  her time
Doing her time.

Graciest though. UR the doldrums!!! Out!!!
If I had a friend I would share soulsearching answers to insecurities....
You tell yourself...

Checking out the badness of the breath I stole from hardass grace
This messed up blue original
who made me into "s-h-i-t" ...
unequal time to f - - k your f- - - - - -' face
I thought of "hari kari" and I waited for the midnight race
To "suck your b-u-m" on your mama's dough
And "down it came" the pillowcase...NO
Midnight was a "hacker" with a soul inside to 1 2  grump
She was looking for a backer who would "cut its h-o-l..." and "split its r-u-m-p"
Some silly little looky about a spanish cookie who stole the dough  from mexico
She grabbed the colors
She grabbed the numbers
One million bucks and "away we go"...
"Shut up", she said
"I'm glad to find you help to...close your open mouth!"
"Peace" he said...."like lie detectors"...
Heaven in release down south
Heaven in release down south
your  future seems to be unfunny
The man in the moon is made of green cheese
For the benefit of 'who knows what"... a dummy?
So in the end, we close the book
In the end, we lock the door
colors, numbers, spirits talk, sing the blues, do gas and walk,
telepathic means to speak, robert's rules of order
Let me spell this out for yo
And offer trade for money
You'll finally feel a sneaky feeling
...Like old farts grab the ball and run with it..."

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reisa gerber
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« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2018, 07:08:51 pm »

Racketeer, will this site let you or can you share a picture of this work?
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