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Author Topic: (Sweatheart) Hopeful Exit  (Read 17709 times)
peace in company
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« on: September 25, 2018, 08:32:25 am »

 Smiley Angry
"If I wasn't such a sucker,man, I'd be hanging out with Tuckered, man...but Huh?
I guess it is time to leave now and trust the freedom of the press that has helped my hard days of distrust in opinions shared by people around me and picked up the doubtful drift. I leave the community with these song lyrics written sometime in the 1980's right up until today! I feel that my recognition of myself as a big fan of johncougarfelon is clearly recognized....and this is my own happy ending that people probably will not can finish this yourselves. I run the Avalon Bar where we take runaways...sometimes. And if we don't take you, maybe other communities will...and if in the end that purple hooter shooter pulls a fast one, what you will do is anybody's guess. Beats me...
I had a shrink who told me that when people lie or with hold hold from each other, sometimes the upshot can be a catastrophe. And that is that about that...
In finality, I am thinking in the wee hours of the night, about the Beatles song "Revolution"..."but if you go carrying pictures of chairman mao (it goes), you ain't gonna make it with anyone know it's gonna be (alright) alright, alright, ALRIGHT!!!!"

Our Love Will Come (Past Love)

There is something about you
When I look into your eyes
That makes me never wannabe without you
And we can fly, fly to the sun
And in time, our love will come

When you tell me you love me
And you hold me in your arms so tight
The birds sing in the sky above me
And we can fly at the sun
And in time, our love will come...

So pardon my yearning and the tear that heaven cries
For with you, I'm learning to fly to the sun
And in time, our love will come

I can betcha a dime we could beat those rocky times if we table the emotions that follow our needs to "lose control", and "fly to the sun..."


these pictures of emotion encourage me to pursue the struggles that loss of emotional control we have in defining what we feel and why.


He said, I need a lover who won't drive me crazy"
Forget about the past, baby, 123
If an old romance should kindle, and knock on my door,
"Please don't answer it and that's for sure..."
A token of her kindness, standing up for that groupie who made the scene,
That's what she's is, man, so we thought,
'til droogie showed us everything
Rock the table, rock and roll, you could really rock, you'd rock my soul
You run the gamet, hot and cold,
They'll "flag you down..." miss jellyroll
Here's a little ditty, baby, from 8 to 91,
Cute as compromise had made her, hand-me-downs and taser guns,man,please...
"you old bat!" the children called her, and she wracked her brains for a tasty bite,
"that's old hat" she answered them, "the truth is black and white..." YO MISTER STRUGGLES!
Inside their minds, she was"run of the mill",
She'd go out and come back with those powders and pills
We all knew the truth, but what could we do?
Who was it who said it?
"They're my colors, too!!!"*
*No they aren't.

This reflects another way to smile as though a chain reaction in your mind flits from topic to topic, etc... the chain#2 that she wrote, for an ache that will never "go away..."

Oil Pastels: Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust

reisa l gerber
The peace we looked for up and down
In and out with so many doubts
Was always rockin', rockin' away, the USA
My only dream was a "bluegreen notion",
Sneaking up on me
Coming out ahead,
I said "Sometimes it makes me feel like I'm so pissed OFF that I see!..."
"I don't need to hear that angry s-h-i-t !..." that is what he said.
So we went to a country barbecue
We had hotdogs with cole slaw and we danced to the beat
Red light, green light, 1 2 3
"Watch out!" he hollered, as I crossed the street
But the oil pastels were over for us
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Yes, the oil pastels were over for us
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust

So,I must do my finality herein AGAIN!"I don 't see nothing breaking HERE, nothing but a longshot line..." The longshot line says "how cuh-razy" I am in "passionate" feelings for him, as I have never met him.
it's all bitchin', man, all of it...and if it that, I can pull a no-show like anyone can, really.  
Crash Hellooo!

He told her that she needs a little bright sun fluenza
He told her that she needs to start again
He told her that she boogie down and shove sit toot hit
But she did not like the man they chose for it
So then she walked, crying and scheme
she said "I don't need no man hangin' doubts on me"
"It's true he has a little part in my family
But if you don't wanna screw him, get a parttime job in a drive-in thing..."(good idea!)
Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh
Why do you scream like that?
You're keeping everybody up, especially your cat
She's crying on the table, she wants her babies back, bub
And I just don't know what to do
But you've got to keep track (...get...)
So if you do not want him, say "no,no,no"
And all the people who help you think you're good enough to go
"But if you'd just be quiet, it ain't even the dawning sky,
You can cop it off my ace, sweet sorrow, things will be alright
You can cop it off my ace, sweet sorrow, things will be alright..."

there actually is no reply, here,I'm just editing a post. so if the post gets repeated ad verbatim
it does not reflect a reply. Yes, I have been editing this one site a lot of time!!! This will stop now.

con 4 dough
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Racketeer, will this site let you or can you share a picture of this work?
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