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Author Topic: Apologies from Racketeer  (Read 15119 times)
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« on: September 25, 2018, 08:32:25 am »

 Grin Angry

Screw Every Word that was Never Said
by racketeer

The blue sky was cloudy but the sun was shining
Our kids would always know what their mother missed
The windows were open in the old folk's cafe
And the red scarf he wore it, was tied to his hips.
"stay away, lady..." was the warning they gave her
"No one comes here but the nighttime thieves"*
The empty car was open with its slingback heel open toe
Obvious perfume, it's scent, its feminine mystique...
And "you know who" was the sponsor of a mutual merger at the New York Met
Nu? since when is that the beat of a heart who needs a good night's sleep? ___________________________________________________________________
"Are you looking for the blues? You can check your feelings, honey..."
She bummed a couple dollars for a coffee and a roll
The people on the sidewalk saw the cattalk on the corner
As she left their living earth they called salvation for their souls
____________he looked at her with total understanding of the moment...he said,_______________________________________________________
"You're the living end not another soul to haunt"
But she was still alive although the blues had made her sorry
You write the order down and they can make it if they want
The "holy roller" rock and roll was playing to her down the beat
She made a story up and went to see it feeling like a cheat
If your conscience hurts you then you know you feel guilty
We can discuss this with the numbers, but the "do re mi" is filthy
And her dirty mouth was open, she said every word there is
The alka seltzer made her high
Pop pop fritz
Don't mention it
The laundry
and the little one who never did
They show their lovers everything
... Screw every word that was never said.

I understand that "Now More Than Ever", a melloncamp diamond tiara, is cerebrating its 30th anniversary this year and I guess that although I am trying to stop posting "temp" goodbyes. That is a beautiful song...for EVERYONE of course, ONE who loves it.
But me? Sub...en tow still, telling our small world of fans here, as catch as catch can,of our people 'lookin' bad', as she was, but...yeah...enough for now...but...maybe they do exist and "do the willie nillies" somewhere on the outs and do some extremely impossible communication, unlike the basis for that allimportant label, but that precludes "the voices" Huh Roll Eyes...whatever.

I have several books out in my style of expressing myself on Amazon, and I'm sorry for the way I post my work in an unnecessary availability on this site.
Pardon to those possibly insulted or offended. I always read about weird people who do this kind of thing, and it's really time to stop.
I'm sorry



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« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2018, 07:08:51 pm »

Racketeer, will this site let you or can you share a picture of this work?
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