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Author Topic: Radio City show - disappointed  (Read 6670 times)
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« on: February 20, 2011, 12:39:00 pm »

I'm 52 and been listening to JM since I Need a Lover was radio hit and seeing him Friday night at Radio City was a disappointment.

I've seen JM 5 times and one of his early 90's shows was the second best concert I've ever seen (#1 is U2 @ MSG in Oct 2001 - post 9\11 and a transcendental experience). 

JM has moved from his traditional sound to more country \ bluegrass style, and while I like most of it, his entire show - every song, was played in with this style influencing the songs.  I expected some of the new songs but he played too many of them, especially since he did not play his classic stuff in the manner they became popular.  Every song sounded like the band was playing slower than they should, with some at a painful crawl.

If he had played 25% of the shows songs (new material or old) in this country style, and the balance as they were originally recorded, I think the show would have been 4 stars and highly recommended.

I took my 14 yr old and 12 yr old kids to this and they were hugely bored, and my wife and I were underwealmed.
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« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2011, 05:20:51 pm »

I attended the Radio City show on Friday, with a bunch of friends and my 20 year old daughter.  Yes it is a very different show from past ones I have attended.  John keeps us on our toes digging deeper and deeper into the history of music.  I totally enjoyed the show as my friends.  I felt as thought I was listening to Johhny Cash, John Prince and Elvis all at once.  The stage was set beautifully, loved the lighting.
John did a version of Jackie Brown that brought tears, you could hear a pin drop.  His true fans know his last two albums and embraced them.  If you follow him you know his stuff~!
I enjoyed seeing his paintings up close.  They were displayed in the lowest level of Radio City.
The band played so well.  Enjoyed all the new instruments that were introduced in the last two albums.  John and the band keep doing what you are doing, I for one are one NYer who
has glad you  have made music for so long!
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