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Author Topic: I Came When You Whistled  (Read 27320 times)
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« on: September 25, 2018, 08:32:25 am »

 :We all know who Lautrec is and French as it can be...please.Smiley Shocked Cool ::)Here is the picture :that Ms. Aeroplane requested in 2018 Roll Eyes Tongue.
That is basically what my existence is about, my own feelings expressed creatively, not to discount any serious blame for something not right, but to get it out...

Sir, the question was put to you...would you...
Anyway! so! I just watched on you tube a tribute to Paul McCartney at the White House during the Obama administration. Steven Tyler, James Taylor, Dave Grohl, and more, all singing in a tribute to "Sir Paul", as he is called. Hey Jude, Penny Lane, Let It Be, Maybe I'm Amazed, The Long and Winding Road, Hello Hello, and of course, Norwegian Wood, and I was so aware that I knew all these songs myself, because I grew up to the Beatles and also Paul McCartney and, of course, Wings. Band on the Run is actually one of my very favorite songs, one of the immortals, only one.
Personally, though,
last year I was composing on my own, and I hit on a McCartney falsetto in blues and it's on You Tube, and it's called, "This Time Number 2 in Blue"...You cannot imagine how I felt because this was not on purpose!!! Imitation, of course, but I "wow" myself with it. There are other objects of my rock and roll attention, so I felt sort of like I was cooling it a bit and checking other rock scenes...out...I think an incredible way to end is probably through my artwork that I have saved through the years, and I guess I could check out my OWN work on is on sale although noone buys it...Always hoping to "Let It Be" and I wish you all well.
PS And as a post script addendum, as to "what I WANT"... let me help out here. I have a picture of a vase of lavender flowers on the wall...American grafitti. Yeah...I almost felt guilty, playing guitar in the afterlife. There's always a concert...right?

Someday Ill be alright

She had herself a little home
She shined her little light,
With a cat to keep her company
And a phone that rang all night
She'd call you up to beat the blues
the lonely, sweetass scent
She was my little honeycomb
Our rock and roll regrets
She'd shoot for crazy vanity
And she'd dress by firelight
She knew just how to look her best
To sing with all her might

But she'd pop a couple extra pills,
And they told her "tow the line"
If she didn't play it by the book,
She'd go for broke and fall behind.

But it wasn't like she didn't feel the rebel heart as mine,
She scored 100 on the test,
"Someday," she said, "Ill be alright..."
please allow this post to post? It is so important to my life in recovery.

I've Forgotten Their Name

Happy moment
Look at me
When the sun shines bright, in the sand by the sea
When we share the very same memory,
At the very same moment in the very same dream.

As a younger woman, with her "boogie woogie" cherries
The sweet blues, the dark red and the purplest berries,
I was so bummed OUT, I wanted to end it,
My last will and testament,
With nowhere to send it.

But it always gets better if you let things pass,
And this was one time I was "cookin' with gas..."
I scored 2 points in a basketball game,
Off of the rim and down through the hoop,
And ran off with some guys even though I've forgotten their name...
la la la la la la la la la la
la la la la la

And of course, as I do my final goodbye to johncougarmellon, I wanted to leave some recognition of him as a painter with pictures of today's style...his portraits of people in his life, as an inspiration as he has been to me in my own influences, and I would definitely say "thank you" for
the many memories of this and this...! My own influences are shown in "photomagic painting" on my cell phone, an easier way to portray what looks like a Van Gogh facsimile!
I wish you well, john.
p.s. oh yeah...just as I found it..CHILL Tongue
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reisa gerber
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« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2018, 07:08:51 pm »

Racketeer, will this site let you or can you share a picture of this work?
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