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Author Topic: Anyone else disappointed?  (Read 5169 times)
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« on: April 17, 2016, 09:04:33 am »

Quite disappointed in the John Mellencamp Show on April 15th.  An hour long set by John!?! Big Bummer.

It sure would have been nice to at least know that Carlene Carter was going to open for him, so we wouldn't have been so rushed only to find out that John wasn't even starting till almost 9:00. (There was no mention of Carlene at the casino's website and when we inquired at the event center about 4 hours before show time, we were told it was Just John, with no opener.)

This is the 4th time we had seen John (once in South Bend, once in Fort Wayne and once in Grand Rapids), and this was by far the worst show of the four. I know there are certain logistics for a concert at a casino, but I wish we would at least have gotten a hint that we were not going to get a complete show.
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« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2016, 10:01:11 am »

ME TOO! I totally did NOT have as much fun at this show. One hour... you know he cut off 7 songs! I wonder why they cut casino shows short!? Ugh, you know, what's really torture is that I spent a fortune for two of his tickets, drove 3 hours to see him, and paid money for a hotel. Hell I would've known that the Muncie, IN show was gonna be longer and he was gonna meet fans after the show, I would've TOTALLY gone there instead! I am so upset... I knew when he went from "Lawless Times" to "Minutes To Memories" that something was up because he usually does "Troubled Man" in the middle of that. I was told ahead of time on here by TonyB that the concert was most likely going to be shorter so it wasn't a shock when it happened, but seriously... why deprive Michigan fans from our fun? Some of us cannot make it to other shows and the closest show is the Soaring Eagle. Also, John seemed a little pissed off at this show which made me kinda upset. I don't know if he was just tired or exhausted, but if he's gonna cut the setlist short, a smile here and there would be appreciated.

As for Carlene Carter, they DID give a pretty big notice that she was going to be his opening act. I'm not sure how ya missed it, but it's on his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages everywhere. I am saddened that her set was cut short as well. I don't even think she played 10 songs. That's pretty much bullshit. I'm NEVER going to a casino show of is again. It's just not worth it. Not unless I meet him after the show or somehting... which reminds me. I gotta mention that the fans at the Muncie, IN show got to meet John after the show. I stuck around after this show and he ignored the hell out of us. There were only 4 or 5 of us and we weren't even shouting or anything. I am aware that John doesn't like to talk much after shows and that's why he doesn't do meet and greet things anymore (they seem fake), but I think its SO UNFAIR how his hometown fans get to meet him and all and everybody else has to accept that we're just not as important (unless there's some other reason I don't know about).

Anyway, I am happy for the cool things that DID happen at that show, but it seriously could've been WAY better. It's almost a disgrace to put John Mellencamp in a casino. I wonder why they did it? Of all the venues in Michigan and they couldn't find one in a theater or somehting??? I also wonder why he played in West Virginia on the 13th, Michigan on the 15th, and West Virginia on the 16th. That sounds like a waste of money and gas... sounds like somebody was having trouble setting up his tour lolol...

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