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Author Topic: CRAZY like a radical chiC....BY REISA L GERBER/QUOTES FROM jt AND X-C  (Read 4589 times)
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« on: November 07, 2011, 12:04:17 pm »

after becoming a part of the community index, especially as john is singing on the radio or
television, i can barely believe the heights to which i have grown...from sending multiple copies
of NOONE CAN READ YOUR MIND, to a picture of myself, cuddly wuddly 110....alot for me...
BOTH were sent to polygram and sent right back to me....I had boxes of old stuff that are mostly gone, and ....i was abraggin'!  Embarassing when i was punchdown clown to actually
being fired.  I reapplied and was excepted and am working off my shit, i guess sixth password here.  right?  And  now, thanks JT, JAMES TAYLOR...there are voices that inform me that nothing i have the community...was really written by me...I do lately realize that
sentences here and there do groove on my sister I forget to feel guilty and go right on.
however, ha ha...carly and her x-james have been caught themselves with a line that is used in
two ha-ha songs....NOW, amicable situations always make it okay....rather than plagiarism, we say Oh's so deeply tied into the song Mexico that you cant get out of the twisted
meanings....the words are exact.  Ready? AND this is my only contribution for a week....

carly simon...waiting by the gate....when they let jude out....a slight reference to a drag...
james taylor...I am just a lighthouse on a ship out in the sea....i'm watching the sea...she's
come halfway round the world to see the light and stay away from me.....
twin sentence...even if you're feeling' healthy and strong,' you might like to sing along...James
"But I'm counting on you to prove the doctors wrong.  i'm imagining you' healthy and strong.'
sincerely, a 'healthy and strong' ......
now i am able to read and i can see when songs don't seem to fit the discrepency of what we
can do, assuming even our very best.  A LYING MARXIST needs to feel comfortable slipping
back to a capable thing...tony has received my promise that i made...
once a week little burblette club...if/when my writing ever sounds understandable again.
And, truly, if I miss out...on a closeup ticket to some man who 'THINKS I'M CRAZY'...
then i had no purpose to mesh our musical solstice.  I know george green just died. Could we
have as a community, viable proof that john mellencamp is cool...WHO WHO WHO WHO WHO
WHO WHO WHO WHO WHO else can stand up without crying, knowing exactly what REISA
GERBER is trying to say...Hint...'Lighthouse' and 'counting' SAYS CARLY AND AS i repeat
on you to prove the doctors wrong...' what? "Doctors have such little faith...they said you
were a classic case...' there is a connection.
And that is the news show for this week...I am assuming an andy rooney type of position.
bye everyone....Sincerely, Reisa Gerber

Reisa L.Gerber
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