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 on: July 24, 2021, 11:53:57 am 
Started by racketeer - Last post by racketeer
These are lyrics for my mother that I want to post in a special place, and I felt that this rock and roll site was secretly appropriate for it...
the inspiration came from "Suzanne and her Jewels". "... living on the edge of a friend..." from "Human Wheels". Secretly, we all have mothers! We don't always give them the credit they deserve, but we all have them. And this is for mine...
"I always knew that red was a color
 But now I find there are many others..." Roll Eyes

That's What Its Means to Me
by racketeer/added thanks to james taylor/joni mitchell/ppeterson (mom!!!) Roll Eyes

Living the high and happy life
With the winter snow and the evergreen trees,
Light as a feather and sweet as pie,
That's what its means to me.
Gonna get me some money for my little honey,
Gonna live like the king and the queen of pop
I'm gonna l.u.v. you more than a knock on the door,
And an invitation "out", baby,
"Alms for the poor..."
And every morning song in morgantown,
We buy our dreams two dollars down,
"...jimmy, jimmy, john and rick and lori...
 no jets construction,for
 setting us down a homestead on the farm..."
Living the high and happy life,
With the winter snow and the evergreen trees,
Light as a feather,
And sweet as pie,
That's what its means to me...
(oh yeah! don't forget the doors and that song 5 to 1!!!)

 on: July 17, 2021, 09:56:42 am 
Started by racketeer - Last post by racketeer
The Party

Where do you like to go?
What do you like to do?
How do you like to spend your time, 'cause I wanna spend some with you,
At a party, at a party
At a party, at a party

Tell me what's your name?
Tell me, what's your street?
Put it on the envelope,
And send it straight to me
At a party, at a party
At a party, at a party

sCReamy Meemie and Jack the Rip
Amber Alert for a little 'crite
Mammy the Boss and Smoky Rose,
All dressed up in their finest clothes,
A party, at a party
At a party, at a party...

One of my fave rave songs by stevie wonder, is
"don't you worry 'bout a thing
 don't  you worry 'bout a thing, mama,
 'cause Ill be standing in the wings when you check it out..."lol Grin
p.s. yeah, so I wanted to add a little more of the past...
there aparent is now a new concern to the covid scare. It's called the delta variant...does it never stop, for goodness sakes? I think the answer we're looking for actually, does reside as a Divine Force, because I have been told that a disease as such hits the populace on earth every several generations. I actually think the last outbreak was called the Spanish flu. It's amazing and horrible, right? It's unreal! And as I promised to give  John and his people a break, I will try again. I wish all concerned the best.
And I really, really do know after over 25 years of being a fan, that you cannot make especially a rockstar your man. And with that, I am really submerging!!! Adios...

 on: June 22, 2021, 01:57:06 pm 
Started by racketeer - Last post by racketeer
Wouldja Like to be A Know-it-All?

"goombye to you, honey..." said johnny b. goode,
 like he's out of me, like he changed his mind... he says it to me, we're a stone's throw away...
like new england clam chowder...
I got that, child!

Now let's finish off with this one-
"We got it made in the shade like lemonade
 We got a "hey, hey, hey" and "what did you say?"
 The kids were into selling it, a nickel for a cup
 Nothin'worth repeating,
 But they did good business and made some bucks!"


By the side of the river by a cactus tree
Where the moon shines over the Holiday Inn
I met my man for a drink at the bar,
But I didn't have to go too far
They told him that he aimed too high,
What I couldn't do for the life of me, slugger,
And every stone they left unturned
Burnt out at him in front of her (UGGER)
I made the midnight train last night
That curse is under lock and key
38 miles to shiny shine shine,
And didja know that Tennessee (uh-huh, uh-huh...)
Two wouldja be friends are waging war
The best of heart and heart and soul,
Hit that whiff ball out of the park,
Wouldja like to be a know-it-all?
Hit that whiff ball out of the park
Wouldja l.u.v. to be a know-it-all?
I define the negative and I envy the positive. One of johncougarmellon's new songs about "Struggleville" mentions that a prerequisite to friendship involved in blabbing all the bad in a
person. I got the idea that a million, or maybe less, a thousand, bad things might mean the end of a relationship, but I wasn't sure...I thought maybe I should take a polygraph test to check the truth about the bad taste we leave in another person's mouth after spilling out all that stuff you're better off not knowing,  and I wrote a song about stuff I personally couldn't aim for if I had to, but I let it go because I had to. But I could still hear all those voices saying "you know what you did! you know!!! You know!" (LOL)...and I guess that all I can do is "wait for my ya ya", of course, intravenus, right? or is that intramuscular? I.M. whatever!
p.s. and upon further reflection, the ideal answer to any come-on would be..." you like me...whatever? I hope so..." and of course, when a motherf'er shines real big and you do her a little spark that does not even seem to "light up those lazy blue eyes" a little, and walk, I cannot tell you how it feels. And that's about it...unless you hit the kitchen this morning for a can of COORS BEER. And then I would feel a little more secure in the expression of  truth and what that means...coming from Apartment 3L.
ROLEX watch, for goodness sakes!'re moving too fast for this mama and he doesn't want her to know just how fast and gustin' this submarine sandwich shop serves those people! detail...but sure, I l.u.v. those fried shrimp parm heroes and salad with bleu cheese dressing, and most of the time, I do eat alacarte. Hopefully Ill make it down later to exit 100 off route 17...without swerving a bit at 4AM and avoid getting pulled over, right? yeah...I just wanted to air some honesty that me and that chick down the road could take with us. I wonder who actually WILL get picked...annointed, whatever? Regardless, it is time to give myself a break here on this site, and I wish you guys in the band and my readers well... racketeer

 on: June 16, 2021, 03:58:07 pm 
Started by beanienutz - Last post by beanienutz
When will you play in Bloomington again Huh Its been a long time John ! way too long 😭
Please !! 💜💜💜

 on: June 08, 2021, 10:48:06 am 
Started by kmcdok - Last post by kmcdok
Hi. My family and I visited Seymour in the late 1990's or early 2000's to scope out some of John's hometown and things from his life and music. We visited (what I thought was referred to as) "the little red barn", which had several of John's paintings in it. I'm pretty sure the barn loft was the location for the filming of the jukebox/dance scene from the Cherry Bomb video. But my memory fails me frequently Smiley

Do I have this right? Is/was there a little red barn in Seymour that has/had some of his art in it? Anyone have details of this place?


 on: June 07, 2021, 07:35:40 am 
Started by racketeer - Last post by racketeer
I Don't Blame You, Reisa (Badmouth All Over LA)

Barred by the devil
Hellfires burn,
Every word you never stole,
She comes on strong with her mink and her devil,
A black and red sarong...
So way across town, up a oneway street,
She does this chinese fire drill
Getta inna da car, getta outta da car,
There's a price to pay for every bill (CHILL...)
She comes tum, tum, tomtom, tumbling down,
Like Max and her heavenly scent,
She comes on like a dream, peaches and cream,
Like she lost the chance to stand alone,
Oh ba na na, rah, na na, beep balogne!
And should they knock upon her door,
She knows the expectation,
But it's a great deal smaller than the one before,
And no is no
I don't blame you, Reisa know, I am beginning to decide that I will hit the next tour, the Good Samaritan, as you call it, and just hope, to put up with my... presence and being there and everything. That is probably what I would do...on a happier note...but, whatever. And of course, now we know...her little plan.

"oooh yeah, lookin' for the blues and live to tell the story,
they cover up the real truth, but you get all the glory..."
but the best one of all is "...what's on the platter?" and I betcha it's free! That is, unless I share a thousand points of light with the that case, Ill get a small share of the fruits of my labor. And of course, yes, peaceful resistance is my thing, and as I say it I realize it.
yeah, you wonder if all the precious secrets you have will be spilled at a party to which you were not invited. Grin you know LOL, it's like "that never occurred to me..." I know
...but let's get back to reality, right?
Drag yourself down to New York City with your best girlfriend and have dinner and see a concert, down the road, I hope, and hopefully, she will be into it! that's it. And yes its legal.

 on: May 25, 2021, 07:48:59 am 
Started by racketeer - Last post by racketeer
I am working on the end in the Mellencamp Community Index because it contains the most value in those terms, of my recent is also relevant to the fact that I am a fan and that I have been for many years, but I also feel the need to move on as I have other issues in my life. I hope that this will be posted, especially since it is my last ...containing two final poems.
And may I also just add that I have been very busy on the Amazon site, creating paperback books and although I do not really have many people checking out my work, I still opt for that release over this one, because I know and recognize that it is time to move on.
I don't know...both of these poems have melloncamp chances in them, and while he has license, for example, johnny hart, I sure don't up to the point of selfinflictive indictment, and another subject as such is arrowsmith who does, only increase my wonder as someone who does not have credibility in that venue...
"...shine and spark that combustible pickup,
     give it a jump, man, wheel to wheel,
     all the good people of the world,
     see if you can get the feel..." Huh...oh...I know who those fragments belong to!
so let it be, and as at least I have rights to publish posts in these sites, I can definitely not complaint...
Spitshine and Girderman is one, and Lily of the Valley makes two, and gracefully, thanks to the melloncamp people for printing my work.

Girder Man
reisa gerber/racketeer

She said "I listen to you religiously and I know you're in poverty..."
Like a sucker for better who struggles forever,
So why do you come to me?
"Mama, if you want some money,
A couple dollars for a coffee and a roll,
I can tell you this...
I don't think it isn't the best thing to do with me..."
"I don't want to make you feel embarassed,
No, no, no,
I don't mean to make you feel like you're locked in the crowd
I don't want you to feel that I think that you steal my heart,
And break it in time...'cause you did that, honey..."
I'm just a little sucker,
You're my sucker,
And I'm living it by the book,
And I really don't know what to say to you now,
And don't play me like you're off the hook,
'Cause you're not with me
And I know what I heard
I've heard it a million times,
Like a dime a dozen, a dozen colors for free,
Funky palm and evergreen
So calm me down, my brother,
Let's discuss this, just inbetweens you and me, to each other,
"You conned down a poor man, of this I am sure, man..."
Spitshine and girder, man.

Lily of the Valley (and her Morning Dew)
reisa gerber/racketeer

Would you like to take a chance, and ask some guy to dance?
Would you like to take a look at my favorite picturebook?
Favoritas pinturas y no se que colores,
But I want to see the real truth behind those lies
The color of the corn is a message to the dawn,
And the sweetness of my purple shades is a man in the moon
So green don't think twice, 'cause it isn't very nice,
How do you talk to someone who won't tell the truth?
That's a hard one to deal with...
He said, "Tomahawk, red skin, Indian Chief,
Don't wanna say it nomore..."
That man in the white coat is coming for you,
You better be sure..."
So God uh-huh-huh
God, uh-huh-huh
You don't fool me with your b.s. oooh, oooh, craps
My kid is rotting away in a prison out in LA
So please don't try to make it cool
My lily of the valley and her morning dew.

 on: May 21, 2021, 11:09:45 am 
Started by racketeer - Last post by racketeer
This is an ode to jimi hendrix, a true ghost of the woodstock generation. unfortunately, he passed away at the age of 27, like his equally gifted friends jim morrison and janis joplin, actually.
Scripting conversations is one of my pasttimes, and this is no exception to the dream...although my country electric guitar has no psychedelic hot pink lights, and no attractions to brag of, here and there, there are new codes in color wars that can only be replaced in a good game called "Color War" that do not need ME to decipher and interpret... And personally, I can't wait for  that old red door to OPEN!!! And I am making a concerted effort to understand that those "true colors" will "shine" and be beautiful, like their meanings, whether bob dylan sings about them, or phil collins, cyndi lauper, etc...and that I do not have exclusive rights to their existence.

This Purple Haze by reisa gerber/racketeer
dedicated to jimi hendrix

We were born to spaces, genie art
We were torn from the craziest heart to heart
Confiding in keeping with bazooka bubble gum
Take a drive after dinner and throw you a crumb
Party hardy, fried chicken and pizza with cheese
"Foxy Lady", me and hendrix in there with a baby named patree...patrice, whatever!
"Oh, you've captured my heart" he'd play his guitar
"This Purple Haze", high and strap at this bar
Whitney would say, "don't use that old incantation!
We were born and brought up in the "beat me up" generation!"
And now it's like "don't you dare lay a hand on my child!"
Our crazy wisdom holding on to something wild
Because precious and few are those moments we two...
And share "This Purple Haze" with you. Cheesy

 on: May 20, 2021, 06:55:48 am 
Started by racketeer - Last post by racketeer
I owe this song to the most incredible homemade blues singer, joni mitchell, specifically "the hissing of summer lawns" that she made in 1975, so long ago...not to mention lyrics from "hotdogs and hamburgers" from jmellon's "the lonesome jubilee" made in 1987...both these guys deserve my "bibliography" segment, because I help myself to their stuff and maybe not appropriately...but okay...people are so very secretive about their beigecolored s-h- ...utmouth accusez...and they never realize the damage done to an honest soul trying to talk a language they would not understand in a million years. A nightmare, true...but there is a little hope left...let's call "doctor"!!!

The Value of Peace is a Bluesnote Away

I do not help myself without informing the inspiration, I promise.

She kind of flipped her lid and said "give me something for nothing
Like pilgrims in the olden days"
How do they buy their mailorder brides, like the S&H greenstamps that they stick on the page?
And he said, "not until the indian girl screws with the son of the amazon queen"
like the frozen cherry dillybar,
valentino, hearts and chocolate coffeebeans, pell
Then she asked for acceptance to rock and roll heaven,
Through grace of the light and the heart of her status,
Two weeks before, she was still not a hundred percent,
But of course, everything was gratiss.
What are we gonna do with that deal?
The "bummed out", the "red skin",
the purplest mix,
You gotta do what you gotta do,
Tattoo on your heart, your command at my wrist...
So when the car stops short in the red light district,
It's like "let's go fly a kite, up to the highest he-i- etc..."
Gotta get it to leave...
Left or right, honey, it could go either way,
But the value of peace is a bluesnote away.
later, racketeer

 on: May 16, 2021, 12:11:44 pm 
Started by racketeer - Last post by racketeer
Today I remembered that I am a stringent true but real tagalong to the woodstock generation and I was happy to know that the gig is truly up on this pot thing finally and we no longer have to live in fear when we want to smoke some marijuana. Now personally, I take other medicine that could get in the way of my health, so I cannot at the present risk other side effects here. However, I remember a lot and I truly feel relieved for all the  secret shaming of potsmoking that went along with the hippie or yippie whatever, time.
I would though, at some future point, like to buy marijuana teabags, which they do sell currently and make a quart or two of pot tea off of one bag of it. It is strong, I do know that and that's just a little talk from the tower...
And certainly medically and/or recreational in a safe environment "...when and where we do not have to fear..."
I hope my thoughts here are not premature because then this post may be a bit too soon in the writing...or one of my case managers, as they call it, could actually blow the whistle on me...but, no, it isn't personal use actually, that I'm thinking's just this darn woodstock generation!!!
"Yes, one, two, three, what are we fighting for?"  Country Joe and the Fish! Yeah, I'm 65 last month!
I hope this little  note of mention is welltaken, but if not, I understand the reason for rejecting the post...whatever it may be!
Have a good summer, guys...Right on!

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