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Author Topic: Memory from a french guy  (Read 18738 times)
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« on: April 10, 2019, 07:13:47 am »

Hi all,

First, sorry for my poor writting in English.

All my family are farmers since many, many years, and we are leaving near a "Small town" in France since many years (Time of a French King, Louis XIV... year 1620...  Cheesy, but it's true)

When I was born (July 1961), my father was on a combine harvester for corn, barley,... and it's a worker who told him my birth, ... it's a good begin in the life  Cheesy
and after, all my birthdays were going on a tractor in a field...  Grin

I don't regret anything of this life, it was our life with its joys and troubles,
and I thank my father for teaching us (my 2 brothers an me) this simple life, hardworking, honesty, loyalty, generous and humble, full of love, but we did not show it, modesty, decence (I don't kown translate this, I hope you understand).

Young boy, I always like Folk, rock, blues music (but not my father who thought it was idleness... generation conflict...),
I begin play guitar when I was 13, 14, but at that time, no internet to find music scores, so you listen to a record and you play by ear and so, it does not sound exact the same ... but enjoy because you try play music that you Want.

John Cougar :
We are in begin of 80's, I'm in a tractor working in a field, listen to a good FM radio (before this radio become a business radio where the only song of Pink Floyd is "Another Brick in the Wall", or for Toto, it's "Africa" and so on... and between two very well known songs, publicity for dog food or last model of leather sofa, distressing ...  ),
So, before that, this radio played music from USA, West coast, suddist Rock, Country,... for me, a simple french boy, it was already the "American dream" !
And one day, the announcer announces "John Cougar sings ...", I remember, it was Pink house. ... John Cougar (Who Huh) , what is this ridiculous name Huh  ... and...
Guitar begin to play ... Oh my god,...  john begin to sing ... The hairs stood on my arms, ...I stopped tractor for better listen this song, closed eyes,  I don't have words to explain (and my father shouting at the other end of the field : what are you doing !  Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy).
I knew Dylan, Springsteen,.. a little bit country music, but that, style, sound, rythm... it's the music for me, and with "Jack & Diane", "hurt so good", "Cherry bomb",... and especially "Small town", I really undertstand that it's like me, I birth in a small town,  probably die in a "Small town", the same town, it's my life.
OK, It's true, I change Job in middle of 90's for computers work, but I always leave in the same "small" town, near my mother, in a house that I built just near the family's farm where my brother works. we are the same family, we like listen and play music, drink bear (moderate) with friends, far from big city (Paris).
I love John 's songs, and I have only one regret, I have never seen John in concert. He certainly came to France, I think last in 2011 at Olympia (PARIS), and I missed him ...
So today, I have two dreams :
- The one :
Play john songs in a good little local festival, there are some in my area in France (Seine et marne / Brie / Fontainebleau) and to do or redo know the music of John to some people
- The two (the best)
Organize a trip to the United States, visit, Meet people and follow John on a few concerts ... in "small towns".

I stop this history, sorry if it's too long and uninteresting, but I wanted to tell you that there are some people in France who love what John Mellencamp does and what it represents, not enough people, I know, but a little bit anyway.

Have a nice day and long life to all  Undecided
Thierry GALPIN

I'm ROCK-in' In The USA
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« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2019, 07:14:45 am »

Cool. Keep on rockin'.

I did manage to see JM twice (Birmingham in '92, and Glasgow 8n 2011). Hope you get to see him someday.
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