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Author Topic: Photo Policy For 2010-2011 Tour  (Read 11446 times)
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« on: October 21, 2010, 06:55:28 pm »

Getting a few questions, wanted to clarify a few things:

You can bring a small, non professional (no detachable lens), camera into the show. However remember venue security is the final say on the matter. Some venues may not allow cameras in no matter what we say, but Mellencamp touring staff should be instructing them in what is and is not ok.

You can NOT use flash during the show, that is the main rule. Flash is fairly worthless at a rock concert anyway.

You can take some pictures but please don't snap picture after picture throughout the entire show, that is distracting to John and the band. Taking a small number of pictures or videos are OK though. Please be respectful of the other fans at the show when taking pictures.

Please remember that if you are sitting REALLY close that John CAN see you. Don't go over board taking tons and tons of shots. I don't know if John cares for that much. I know it definitely can be distracting for him and the band to have a camera repeatedly pointed at their face. You are there to enjoy his concert, take some pics for a memory but be sure to enjoy the concert!

The type of camera that is OK would be:
- a small size one that would fit in a pant pocket
- one that would be relatively cheap, costing a few hundred dollars
- one that doesn't have a big lens or a detachable lens
- something you would expect folks to use for snap shots of everyday life
- Cell phone cameras are also OK but please do what you can to restrict any lights/flashes.

Please note, video cameras are not allowed. Cameras that show video, cell phone cameras with video features ARE allowed. When we ask for fans to take and post their videos we mean the videos that most photo cameras can take. Cameras will be inspected when entering the venue and they have the right to refuse any camera they don't like into the building. Venue security may ask you to stop taking pictures at any time,

Again after the show please send us what you take! Post your pictures on a site like Flickr (again use the tag JM2010) or send us your pictures or links for photo-sharing websites (SendSpace, PhotoBucket, Picasa, etc.) via [email protected]

FLICKR & YOUTUBE POSTING TIPS: In order for your shots/videos to stand out and be found you want to do a good job of listing them. Here are some tips:

Use lots of good tags! Make sure to include JM2010 so we can find your posting easily. Here are some other suggested tags, feel free to copy/paste them: john mellencamp no better than this fall concert live tour cougar rock roll folk singer songwriter indiana bloomington band guitar song music artist legend stage lights spotlight 2010 show sing (your concert venue) (your concert city)
Include city, state, venue name, band member name, etc. Add any other tags you want (amazing, spectacular, awesome, cool, etc)

Add the photos to the map (geotag).

Don't upload every photo you took. Select the good shots and post those (quality over quantity)

There is a group called John Mellencamp. They should add the photo to this group.

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« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2010, 01:53:53 pm »

    At the 1st show in Mpls 11-22-2010, Security told me to stop taking a vidio on my little Canno sureshot, which I did, when I went to the can later during the show I asked the security guy if he knew about John's website saying that they would LIKE seeing some of the vidios on youtube, he said go ask her. (which I found out was his supervisor) I told her the same stuff about the website and she just said they didn't know about that.

   Maybe the webteam could let the venues know.

   It was a great show and didn't ruin my evening at all, just danced more

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« Reply #2 on: November 24, 2010, 04:35:26 pm »

That was one of my complaints about the Pittsburgh show.  The tickets said no cameras and I tried all afternoon to call and ask if that was just standard on all the tickets but the phones were turned off, every line, the whole afternoon.  So I didn't take a camera.  They never checked, never stopped anyone.  Everyone around me was taking pictures and video. 
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« Reply #3 on: November 25, 2010, 12:04:14 pm »

At South Bend nobody checked for cameras.We took a couple, but I was having too much fun in the 6th row center to stand still enough.Lots of people would run up and take a shot with their phones and that was ok. Did see security ask a lady in the row in front of us not video a whole song.

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