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Author Topic: Concert Review - North Charleston  (Read 4071 times)
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« on: April 01, 2015, 08:52:08 am »

Mellenheads - I have not seen any messages about John's I thought I'd throw in my observations from a show last week.

I like to see John in a new venue if possible when he tours.  This year we were able to see his show in North Charleston at the Performing Arts Center.   What a fantastic venue ...not too big and not too small.

My initial thought - get good seats and go.   I just get an overall feeling of happiness with John and the band (relaxed)....they are professional and just outright good at what they do.   How lucky/blessed are we that he is playing in these small venues.

In past tours, it appeared more of a job...while I am sure that's still the case...the mixture of different types/style of music ...allowed the band freedom/flexibility.

What's interesting....John is still a rocker...but in this tour you also see a blues side (Stones in My Passway and If I Die Sudden)....a Van Morrison type where he stretches his singing style.   It showed....any my wife who has been to about 6 of the shows with me (who isn't a real big fan)....felt and saw the was the most fun she ever had.   She can see (over the years) that part of the reason they are so good is the continuity of the band.....she loves Mirium.....again, how lucky we are.

About the songs....I am not of fan of Lawless Times as the opener (I think it's the worst song on Plain Spoken).   Favorites - Minutes to Memories (always), love Small Town as a rock song, LOngest Days, and Isolation of Mister.

While Full Castastrophe was very different... I liked the different presentation/singing style.

I can't say I'm a fan of Jack and Diane as solo acoustic - but the common fan loves it.  Instead of 2 songs with Carlene Carter....I wish he'd pull out 2 from his 400 song catalog that we never heard.   But i understand he has to please the common fan.    And he always closes with a rash of kick ass rock and roll....I still enjoy them all.

In short....go go and go.   One of the better shows I've ever seen .... looking forward to the Red Bank, NJ show.

They (John and the band) get better as they get older ... don't miss them never know about tomorrow.

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