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Author Topic: Woman  (Read 772 times)
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« on: February 10, 2014, 12:49:48 pm »

 Angry Huh
I thought a great deal about this topic before I decided to put it out for a crowd of people, most of them strangers, to see, and it felt like another person was inhabiting myself as I am, but I did bring it up because ... as I was able this morning to regain my persona I knew that there must be people out there in this club who somehow could identify with me on a level that could be discussed in those terms where another person might say "...I relate to Reisa, and I will see it through to a better time, because ... I remember a terminology used by the great Mellencamp himself, called "..wrestling in her bones..." and that any nemesis a
person has, such as a Yiddish phrase entitled "...kvetching...", which means "...complaining..." means nothing when the "...restless feeling..." comes up...
I remember writing "The Rolling Stone" magazine about feeling very sad about living, and how a long shower with tons of liquid soap and lotions, like "Suave" and "Vaseline Intensive
Care" and then dousing one's self with body mist like coconut aura could absolutely just lift
a spirit for awhile feel "purged and clean"...but not going so far as to addict yourself to the alcoholic mindbenders in some of this stuff!
So anyway, I did this for a few days recently, and the energy that I was able to maintain
enabled me to dance for a long time...not that I can't dance on a normal plane, anyway, but
this was special...and people reading this might think "...WHAT???!"...but my chemistry is not like yours specifically, right? And this discomfort went past the normal caffeine dependence, until I felt so hollow inside and so restless and uncomfortable ... I just jumped
into the shower and rubbed the body soap and lotion, shampoo and body mist all over myself, and to an extent I was able to experience an immediate relief...
And although we don't normally discuss this publically, I do take serious psychiatric medications and they say I have something called "acid reflux", which is an upper tract acid
condition...yeah...and not to mention the "lower tract" buildup, so to speak...and I have
osteoporosis too, and a mucous buildup from my medications that requires a daily does of
antihistamine... so you really wouldn't know where to start when this "restlessness" and "hollow discomfort" inside begins...I have a hunch...some facial cleansers are loaded with alcohol products...but right now, I am chained to two or three showers a day with
body soap, lotion, shampoo and body mist, but not to an extent where it's dangerous...
and I decided to share this because ... it's a small amount of product ... and I'm hoping against hope to somehow limit the osmosis ... necessity as much as I can and maybe there are people out there who...have a comment for me...transparency is kind of interesting...and funny, because the other person doesn't know, and you just walk around in this nightmare of discomfort, and in its own way, it's a fix!
You don't have to publish this, really...I'm hoping that by my next post...there may be some
small improvement here...
Hey, thank don't have to print this little physical geography here...but it might be a source of information that someone in trouble might use...

Reisa L.Gerber
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