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April 23, 2014, 11:36:20 am *
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 on: Today at 10:46:31 am 
Started by reisaloisgerber - Last post by reisaloisgerber
I was checking out the topics and the subsites on john's community club today, and I noticed that despite the club's request that I limit my communications to once a week and only on "The
Melting Pot", I knew that I was a candidate for further rejection...pushy little thing, huh?
So today, after returning from a family visit "where the deer and the antelope play", I decided
that I am going to become a critic, the title of my new career...
and the topic will generally be rock and roll...
Here is is my first try, as follows, because I need to focus on a non-john discussion and stop holding my breath until "I turn blue"...because I will.
The review is Madonna's "Breathless", which is an obscure recording that came out in 2004,
and is taken from a movieshow in which she played a starring roll invvolving Dick Tracy. It's
beautiful, from the cover to the finish, and shows her picture with a short blonde bob that
truly mimics Marilyn Monroe.
I want to generalize by comparing it a little to the "Daddy and me and Diamond"-type
background. She seems to be attracted to a man, possibly Dick Tracy, and she has him
speaking on his walkytalky in the background-"Calling Dick Tracy...calling Dick Tracy!"
And she sings about fun and '....a gun"...fading out to "gimme that gun...".
She sings about how "she wants a man on a platter, and how she'll hover, and plan...
because when she wants a man,' she "gets her man..."
Then she starts in to sing about an absolutely hysterically funny song about...'Her...
b-e-h-i-n-d-!" She loves "hanky panky" and her "...bottom hurts just thinkin' about it..."
"She don't need no kisses...she can get that from her sisters!" And goes right into a change
from "Crazy for you" an old Madonna "I'm going bananas...I feel like my poor
little mind is being devoured by "...pirannas"...and how she feels like "...her teeth are being
drilled by a dentist..."...and that "...she's going meshuga" @yiddish for "crazy"...and that
her mind is going "booga-booga"...she opens the song wish a straight forward greeting..."Hola!" she says..."I'm loco!"...
No she aint.
From there she departs into a guy who she describes as kind of "mushy" you might say...
"...a cockroach overheard in the diner..." and "the sensitivity of someone who just couldn't
kill a bug..." and when asked to "stop it", he goes and cries "in the can"...and how "When you
take away someone's defenses, they cry like babies..."...and she starts to imitate "boohooing" in the middle of the song...mimicking him, and asking him ' stop it, please" and "thankyou"...
And from there, she launches a beautiful love song about a man who never was a close friend
and who never was a lover...but who gave her the best advice she'd ever had..."to love herself"...and how she wishes she could have "sung her songs for him"...
And then, she sang about having it all, not just two or four, with the "kiddle"''' and the toodle"
and diamonds and yachts...and romance the picture...
"Take it away", she sings, and you hear tapshoes in the background, and you know she has created I say? She starts to wonder what a good name might be...
D - - -! D - - -! D- - -! "That sounds like a nice name", she says.
And finally, at the end of the recording, she sings her classic "Pose"...
I hope she puts it out again, because it doesn't seem to be on the market now...
My sister found it on her cell...or whatever the newer methods of finding old reloads...
And that is the beginning of my new addition to John Mellencamp's community club that I W
will look forward to, hopefully approved, even if posted less often.
Thank you.

 on: April 17, 2014, 07:18:44 am 
Started by sharonc - Last post by TonyBClubManager
Is there any plan to come to Atlanta maybe in 2015?

While the 2015 isn't set, we are expecting it for sure to visit most of the biggest markets in the country, that would include Atlanta and I believe most of John's tours have swung through that market.

 on: April 16, 2014, 11:14:43 pm 
Started by walktall2010 - Last post by walktall2010
Pics taken on Sunday, April 13.

 on: April 16, 2014, 11:12:13 pm 
Started by walktall2010 - Last post by walktall2010
John Mellencamp Is Unhappy With Scott Walker

By Scott Bauer, Associated Press

Liberal rocker John Mellencamp wants conservative Republican Gov. Scott Walker to know he supports union rights and says Walker should think about that before using his songs on the campaign trail.

Politicians for years have been using rock songs at campaign events, and Mellencamp has found himself crossways with Walker and other candidates before.

Two years ago, Mellencamp chided Walker, who effectively ended collective bargaining for most public workers in Wisconsin, for playing his song "Small Town" at campaign rallies.

Walker was targeted for recall in 2012 by those angered over the union law, which passed despite massive protests that elicited support from other liberal musicians, including Pete Seeger, Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello, Peter Yarrow and Billy Bragg.
John Mellencamp Is Unhappy With Scott Walker

When Mellencamp caught wind of Walker playing "Small Town" during the recall campaign, his publicist sent Walker an email letting him know that Mellencamp supports collective bargaining and union rights.

Mellencamp took the same approach in 2008 when Republican presidential hopeful John McCain played "Our Country" on the campaign trail. Mellencamp's publicist wrote McCain's camp a letter explaining Mellencamp's liberal leanings and said he was supporting Democrat John Edwards.

In 2010, when the National Organization for Marriage played "Pink Houses" at events opposing same-sex marriage, Mellencamp also had his publicist notify the group saying he was opposed to its agenda and suggested it pick a different song to play that is more in tune with its views.

When Walker launched his re-election campaign with a series of rallies Tuesday, one of the songs played while his supporters waited for the governor was "Pink Houses." The song, first released in 1983, contains the lyrics, "Ain't that America, home of the free. Little pink houses for you and me."

Mellencamp has not directly contacted Walker's campaign this year about his use of the song, said the rocker's publicist Claire Mercuri. But Mellencamp wants to again let Walker know about his support of unions and collective bargaining, Mercuri said.

"Nothing has changed since the last time Gov. Walker ran for election," Mercuri said in an email to The Associated Press.

Walker told AP he's been a Mellencamp fan for years, and said he'll continue to play the artist's songs at campaign events.

"You don't have to agree with his politics to like his music," Walker said.

Mellencamp himself played "Pink Houses" at President Barack Obama's inauguration celebration in January 2009. Edwards, the former Democratic senator who ran for president in 2004 and 2008, also used the song with no interference from Mellencamp.

 on: April 16, 2014, 04:33:05 pm 
Started by sharonc - Last post by Zimmer
Is there any plan to come to Atlanta maybe in 2015?

 on: April 16, 2014, 08:40:46 am 
Started by oswaldkj - Last post by MNorris149
I guess we all miss that time in the 80's but honestly I really don't think the band's sound is all that different. John has said in the past that it would be useless to write the same song over and over and I get that. I'm sorry but I really don't think Larry Crane is a better guitarist than Andy York. Miriam and Lisa are very similar but I don't miss Lisa at all when I hear Miriam tearing it up! I do miss John Cascella very much. I won't compare Kenny and Dane because their styles aren't the same and Kenny Aronoff is just a beast! Toby Myers got married and had a son. Who in the world would blame him for retiring and spending time with his family. I guess I look at the big picture. Sure some of my favorite songs were written during the time all of those guys you mentioned were in the band, but I love many more of the songs without them. I just chalk it up to being a part of life. I also miss Pat Petersen. I hope she is doing well!

 Lisa Norris

 on: April 16, 2014, 08:30:57 am 
Started by walktall2010 - Last post by MNorris149
Thanks for sharing Christine! Hope you are doing well! The last part of the interview really struck a chord with me. I truly believe that a lot of the country music out today is heavily influenced by John. Some of the artist do say he was a big influence while others don't. I guess that's okay because we Mellenheads sure do know where it's coming from! Grin

 on: April 12, 2014, 09:20:05 pm 
Started by walktall2010 - Last post by sheilafarmer
That is a nice picture Elaine.

 on: April 12, 2014, 12:33:23 pm 
Started by reisaloisgerber - Last post by reisaloisgerber
 Cry Cry Cry
Today I didn't know what to do or where to go, and so I decided to play charlie sheen
and come on with the knowledge of a certain problematic behavior and still expect to be heard and cared about.
This morning I celebrated a continental brunch at a local deli here in my city.
I knew that if other friends heard this behavior I don't know if they would still care to be my friends...however, I decided to go ahead with it, despite the fact that I am overtime early as to my schedule on this sight, Noone answers me, but I need to communicate with a listening public who just may have an understanding as to some of this c-r-a-p-s-h-o-o-t
...tumbling dice alternative, something that few would understand. It's almost a fear of the lack of control when it comes to anger verses kindness.
Joni Mitchell has a mantra in her song "Don Juan's Reckless Daughter"
"Inside my boltlocked door, the eagle and the serpent are at war in me-
the serpent fighting for blind desire, the eagle for clarity.
What strange prizes these battles bring,
these hectic joys, these weary blues,
Puffed up and strutting when I think I think I win,
Down and shaken when I think I lose...."
Sigmund Freud had his own way of putting it-
Id-the animal inside us that gives way to anything that may be wanting expression
Ego-the balance between the id and...the...
Superego-the "parent", or else, the controls that we put on our behaviors that stop
us from losing our tempers.
John has ways to express some of this battle, and I have always enjoyed reading some
of his comparisons..
First, as I said before, one song in  "Human Wheels"..."What if I Came Knocking?" he
explains the "c-r-a-p-s-h-o-o-t-s" and "...what could potentially happen if control
did not overcome these outbursts.
I had an outburst at one of our Mental Health programs Thursday evening, and my staff
supervisor was, like, "Sh....please! WHAT'S GOING ON?" in time, I quickly whipped out
my poem about ... my niece's graduation from high school, and the combination of her
locker, which ... in its own way, signifies the following-"We have nothing to lose but our
chains..." the chain combination is 9-7-2-1...and the dedication is to the beginning of the movie "Top Gun" starring Tom Cruise. She read it privately, and complimented it, and I was happy,
and I thanked her. Another c-r-a-p-s-h-o-o-t averted.
And of course, the verse I wrote myself in 1983, when I was battling my "screaming meemies" in other words, and the little verse went as the following-
"It's just the way you're feeling today
 it's just a point in time,
 you may be hot, now, baby, cool down!
 I know the problem's mine!"
How true!
And we all know John's song from Lonesome Jubilee-

"One man does his work, he's not satisfied, not at all-
seems like he's feeling used,
and his self respect starts to fall...
His frustration runs very, very high,
He takes it out on the ones he loves,
'Cause they're safe, and who they gonna tell? And he hates the coldbloodedness
that runs inside..."

And of course, his lovely mantra, "Mean"-
"I'm not following your frame of mind,
 Complain about this and that all the time.
 Surely something good, as the world spins bye,
 Could you please stop being so mean?"

These intersections are mainly my own Mellenmoments and I so much want to use them
in my own treatment. I hope the webmaster, Tony, will understand and allow me to put them in print, visa vis an incorrect part of the community club's site. less pill here and there, and no, it is not a joke.
Thank you.

 on: April 11, 2014, 09:27:39 pm 
Started by walktall2010 - Last post by geegee
here is a beautiful picture eat your heart out johnboy

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