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Author Topic: Write Myself Off Off of You (And All that Entails)  (Read 145 times)
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« on: June 22, 2021, 01:57:06 pm »

Wouldja Like to be A Know-it-All?

"goombye to you, honey..." said johnny b. goode,
 like he's out of me, like he changed his mind... he says it to me, we're a stone's throw away...
like new england clam chowder...
I got that, child!

Now let's finish off with this one-
"We got it made in the shade like lemonade
 We got a "hey, hey, hey" and "what did you say?"
 The kids were into selling it, a nickel for a cup
 Nothin'worth repeating,
 But they did good business and made some bucks!"


By the side of the river by a cactus tree
Where the moon shines over the Holiday Inn
I met my man for a drink at the bar,
But I didn't have to go too far
They told him that he aimed too high,
What I couldn't do for the life of me, slugger,
And every stone they left unturned
Burnt out at him in front of her (UGGER)
I made the midnight train last night
That curse is under lock and key
38 miles to shiny shine shine,
And didja know that Tennessee (uh-huh, uh-huh...)
Two wouldja be friends are waging war
The best of heart and heart and soul,
Hit that whiff ball out of the park,
Wouldja like to be a know-it-all?
Hit that whiff ball out of the park
Wouldja l.u.v. to be a know-it-all?
I define the negative and I envy the positive. One of johncougarmellon's new songs about "Struggleville" mentions that a prerequisite to friendship involved in blabbing all the bad in a
person. I got the idea that a million, or maybe less, a thousand, bad things might mean the end of a relationship, but I wasn't sure...I thought maybe I should take a polygraph test to check the truth about the bad taste we leave in another person's mouth after spilling out all that stuff you're better off not knowing,  and I wrote a song about stuff I personally couldn't aim for if I had to, but I let it go because I had to. But I could still hear all those voices saying "you know what you did! you know!!! You know!" (LOL)...and I guess that all I can do is "wait for my ya ya", of course, intravenus, right? or is that intramuscular? I.M. whatever!
p.s. and upon further reflection, the ideal answer to any come-on would be..." you like me...whatever? I hope so..." and of course, when a motherf'er shines real big and you do her a little spark that does not even seem to "light up those lazy blue eyes" a little, and walk, I cannot tell you how it feels. And that's about it...unless you hit the kitchen this morning for a can of COORS BEER. And then I would feel a little more secure in the expression of  truth and what that means...coming from Apartment 3L.
ROLEX watch, for goodness sakes!'re moving too fast for this mama and he doesn't want her to know just how fast and gustin' this submarine sandwich shop serves those people! detail...but sure, I l.u.v. those fried shrimp parm heroes and salad with bleu cheese dressing, and most of the time, I do eat alacarte. Hopefully Ill make it down later to exit 100 off route 17...without swerving a bit at 4AM and avoid getting pulled over, right? yeah...I just wanted to air some honesty that me and that chick down the road could take with us. I wonder who actually WILL get picked...annointed, whatever? Regardless, it is time to give myself a break here on this site, and I wish you guys in the band and my readers well... racketeer
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