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Author Topic: Overture to Good Samaritan Concerted Effort Tour (You Bet I Know??/that's it!)  (Read 190 times)
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« on: June 07, 2021, 07:35:40 am »

I Don't Blame You, Reisa (Badmouth All Over LA)

Barred by the devil
Hellfires burn,
Every word you never stole,
She comes on strong with her mink and her devil,
A black and red sarong...
So way across town, up a oneway street,
She does this chinese fire drill
Getta inna da car, getta outta da car,
There's a price to pay for every bill (CHILL...)
She comes tum, tum, tomtom, tumbling down,
Like Max and her heavenly scent,
She comes on like a dream, peaches and cream,
Like she lost the chance to stand alone,
Oh ba na na, rah, na na, beep balogne!
And should they knock upon her door,
She knows the expectation,
But it's a great deal smaller than the one before,
And no is no
I don't blame you, Reisa know, I am beginning to decide that I will hit the next tour, the Good Samaritan, as you call it, and just hope, to put up with my... presence and being there and everything. That is probably what I would do...on a happier note...but, whatever. And of course, now we know...her little plan.

"oooh yeah, lookin' for the blues and live to tell the story,
they cover up the real truth, but you get all the glory..."
but the best one of all is "...what's on the platter?" and I betcha it's free! That is, unless I share a thousand points of light with the that case, Ill get a small share of the fruits of my labor. And of course, yes, peaceful resistance is my thing, and as I say it I realize it.
yeah, you wonder if all the precious secrets you have will be spilled at a party to which you were not invited. Grin you know LOL, it's like "that never occurred to me..." I know
...but let's get back to reality, right?
Drag yourself down to New York City with your best girlfriend and have dinner and see a concert, down the road, I hope, and hopefully, she will be into it! that's it. And yes its legal.
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