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Author Topic: "A Nice Story"  (Read 5008 times)
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« on: September 18, 2010, 10:36:32 pm »

Hello John,
I just wanted to say "hello" I've enjoyed your down to earth music and attitude for years, and  I feel you emulate the simple values of us Midwesterners. The other day I heard that when you were making a new album it was done with some very old technology, as if to say, aren't we getting just a little too high tech? Also liked your comment  on Dave Letterman a while back where you leaned in to the camera and asked, "Hey Dave, when did we get so old"? lol
Wanted to share a story I wrote and sent to a writer at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  He said it was a good story, and asked for my brother's phone number.  I think he plans to do a story.  As a musician, not exactly the same......well.... Its self explainatory..


I wanted to write to you about a nice event I witnessed last night, at a local high school, because I know how much you seem to like a good story, and I often enjoy reading your column about "regular" people and their lives.
This "event" took place last night at Lindbergh High School.  I know what you're thinking... another Friday night football story.  Not exactly.  Its about what would normally be part, of a Friday night football game... The Marching Band.
Last night's event was "only" about the Marching Band.  In fact the evening's event was titled "Pasadena Night".
Why, you may ask?  As you may already know The Lindbergh High School Band has been chosen to participate and march in the Coveted 2011 Rosebowl Parade in Pasadena California January 1st.   This of course is an exceptional honor for the band, its instructors, and the parents.   Its  the Second time in five years they have been chosen!  A very rare honor .
Last night was like a big "Pep" rally for the band, with some local dignitaries, the President of the Rose Bowl Parade Jeffrey Throop and his wife Angel, some local restaurants that gave out samples, sales of an array of  items, and a raffle for a new car.  All this to help promote the band which through their own efforts and fundraising has to cover the $400,000 cost of their trip to California. 
Lots of excitement was in the air with the stands full of cheering fans, waving flags and banners for a High School Marching Band, not the usual Friday night fare. The band played and marched along with the girls of the color guard; dancing and waving flags with the precision that won them the honor to go to Pasadena. The program ended with the band gathered close to their fans in a more intimate way (without instruments) and sang quietly  the "The Lindbergh Alma Mater".  It was very touching, and it felt like being in a scene from a Hollywood movie. 
In these days of so much bad news, the wars, the economy, and crime, it was so refreshing and uplifting to witness something that could have been from  Norman Rockwell painting, in a seemingly better time in our history, but guess what..... it still exists!
Thats not all there is to this story.   Bob Spiegelman the Band Director, who has worked with the Lindbergh High School  Band for Eighteen Years, has worked tirelessly to make it and previous bands (which boasts some Two Hundred and Fifty students,) one of the best if not "The Best" in the nation at  a high school that never had any recogniton before he came to Lindberg.  He's the real life "Mr. Holland" you may rememeber from the movie Mr.Holland's Opus.
O.K. so he's pretty good. He and his staff are extremely devoted to those kids, but there's one more thing.  Last winter Bob was diagnosed with Cancer.  He's only in his early 50's and at the height of his accomplished career.  Needless to say it was quite a blow when he got the news.  Of course there were all the usual questions.  How bad was it, what are his chances of survival, and yes what about his ablility to direct the band?  Afterall they were headed to the Rosebowl!  As he put it last night when he spoke, its the "Superbowl" of Marching Band. Only a dozen bands across the country and two International bands are chosen each year, out of thousands of applicants!
I'm happy to say that Bob forged ahead, took his "Chemo" treatments and with the support of family, friends, and the staff  The Lindberg High School band will be headed to Pasadena to perform before millions of fans here and around the world.
We are so proud of the Band, the staff, the  parents,  and Bob.
By the way.... I'm his brother
Ron Spiegelman
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