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Author Topic: Let's see if we can make this cohesive and readable by Reisa Gerber  (Read 4591 times)
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« on: March 10, 2012, 12:30:25 pm »

When I was first beginning my obsessional belief that mr. mellencamp was indeed
"...probably singing songs about're so vain, right?" was the very end of
1989, when Big Daddy came out...There are ways to squirm your way into the
spirit and soul...of someone, especially like John, because if you buy, say, okay,
Big Daddy, and memorize every song, for example, which I did, you can eventually reach the aspiration point of this person's aura...although technically
a celebrity's boundaries are not usually the same is 'just you and me.hey, hey..what's new?" It's like sludging along the mud, and that begins harassment,
which as I hear on television, is a fruitless attempt to be 'WOW" like your
subject, so to speak, and yo're shutting ot everything else...remember
that I got a 3 on the music advanced placement test in's an advanced
measurement of your knowledge of that my lyrics and tunes, by and large composed yourself by me...the american people certainly deserve to be left alone...they pay such a high price for justice...treatment and
medicines and psychiatric's one...
Reisa says, 'I think John Mellencamp's music so so much, not just blabbing"...
and 'Maybe I'll sing backup with him someday...'
The psychiatrist immediately assumes that Reisa is harassing an icon and
describes her label and delusions of grandeur.  So.  May I say
thanks to the these cases, where you think ''shit!" So you quickly
start to mention Carly Simon, James Taylor, The Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger,
Bonnie Raitt, Avril Lavigne, Madonna, The Black Crows, Paul McCartney and
the said deceased John Lennon, and many others, Todd Rundgrem too, maybe
you can undo the imprimir impossible....imprint in the a-hole's head that yo
have delusions of grandeur...Yeah and of course, the Monkees....poor Davy
Jones, and Whitney Young, only if just because her indefatigable energy,
wherever the heck it came from, was beautiful...and so within the past
25 years, I have learned that to be a rock and roll fan requires more than
alot of what I've made out of it....And that's why you know, I sent my facebook
copy yesterday, with about five or six photographs that I put on the computer
of me, my favorites...and one of mom and me, of course...and sent it to the
Cherry Bomb Club Management in manhattan, New York...oh! Don McClean's
American Pie...and again what I came up with was budgetting nad financial
solvency!  la de da...Is this treason or do we call it love?  You will know its
sentence someday, could never be tough enough...when love is needed, it is
below a bother...and you know, when you turn away you turn your back on
love...dying to prove that you are never wrong...You're so right, you'd rather
be sad,but you won't go along.  You're willing to walk.did you now?  'round
what you're thinking of...never mind what anyone said, you turn your back on
love..chorus:lonely days and lonely nights...will we ever get it right?  Don't
be blinded by the light! You turn your back on love.....
When it is my love, how will you handle it? To it...there are two, wherever they are, if you can get the hit...If you believe it, love is quite strong
together, honest and free, you turn your back on love...chorus:
That is Crosby, Stills and Nash, from the recording 'Live It Up'...back in the 1980s I think....the middle to late years of that decade...''
Well, there you go...maybe an intense rock and roller wo sits in her light blue
velvet armchair and maligns dad and mom and the sisters....
Doctor said I should actually be more constructive when I said mean things...
the horrific issue was a family member's graduation from college that my psychiatrist  recommended I wonder I'm such a mess, huh?
Even that doctor, who is no longer caring for my mental health, had secrets,
I'm sure...'You can't even fart?!!!" was her basic activity of daily living~
Hey, if John and his staff don't feel this entry is appropriate...or delete it, which
will make me feel so sad and blue...then I understand amd will write again in a week or two.  Thankyou...Reisa L. gerber
p.s. Sorry for bothering the Cherry Bomb management in the city yesterday...


Reisa L.Gerber
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