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1  MELLENCAMP DISCUSSION / Chicago, IL - (1st Show) / Re: Chicago's 1st Show! on: November 27, 2010, 11:57:47 pm
I loved last night probably the most out of 22+ years and about 40 shows of seeing John.

Two things that irritated me last night which were related.  During the slow/serious songs, several people just start full blown conversations like they are in some nightclub somewhere and some local band is on stage.  Although I'm not opposed to that, sometimes it was hard to hear what John was saying/singing and that got to me a bit.  Secondly, there seems to always be the drunk a**hole who bitches that he's not singing songs they know.  Particularly a drunk idiot in my section (MNFL1L) who yelled "Sing Jack and Diane" and then a minute later, "Hey John, I said sing Jack and Diane".  He then got out of control screaming that he was getting bummed out by this sad "sh*t".  Thankfully many fans shouted him down and security finally came and got him the hell out.  (about 2 songs before John sang Jack & Diane!!)  Of course, he probably would have been pissed at John for how he's re-worked it (as he's been doing for a few years now).

Okay, on to the things I love.  This current sound and soul that plays with John through his music is wonderful. Very Johnny Cash-like but with a gritty soul of the man who has seen/done it all.  The upright bass adds a fantastic feeling to the music and when Dane is playing the "cocktail drum kit" it just rounds it all out.

Small Town played as a solo-acoustic and stripped down even more is honestly how that song SHOULD be played in my opinion.  But probably Scarecrow should be played that way too as that's really the tone for it.

I love love love Save some time to dream and Don't need this body.  But sadly it makes me think of John thinking about his own elder statesmanship.  Really liked hearing him bring back Jackie Brown with Miriam.  Wow, what a lovely new take on that one off Big Daddy.

The 'new hymn' that Miriam and Troye play is amazing.

I would love it if John would do a solo-acoustic of 'Play Guitar' as frankly, the whole show sort of screams that line "forget about all that macho sh*t and learn how to play guitar".  (has for years, but this recent tour really hits that home)

I have to be honest, if John would record the "hits" as he performs them now and would put it out on an album, I'd buy it in less than a minute and treasure it more than the originals.  They would replace the originals as they are in my iPod.

Great night thought.  A nice date night for my wife and I not having to worry about our 3-year old and really enjoying fantastic music as we've come to know with John.

Great job all the way around.
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