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1  MELLENCAMP DISCUSSION / Polls / Re: Favorite video from the Uh-Huh Album? on: February 17, 2019, 06:51:03 am
Pink houses slightly over crumblin down both iconic
2  MELLENCAMP DISCUSSION / Polls / Re: best drummer on: February 17, 2019, 06:49:16 am
Sorry dane love ya but kenny
Im going to have to say scarecrow by half a point because rain on the scarecrow and minutes to memories are my 2 favorite songs in the world 3 is hotdogs and hamburgers
4  MELLENCAMP DISCUSSION / All About John / New album on: May 30, 2017, 06:36:21 pm
Awesome it never amazes me anymore John always makes great albums he's my favorite since I was 5 in '86 and he continues to produce better music than anyone period
5  MELLENCAMP DISCUSSION / Introduce Yourself / Re: JM Tribute band needs help on: May 05, 2017, 10:22:40 pm
I don't know if you guys still tour but Seymour is where I live and we have a good few places to play and we get pretty excited about mellencamp anything around here
6  MELLENCAMP DISCUSSION / All About John / Lonesome jubilee on: May 04, 2017, 02:20:07 am
So I really have got back into not just music but into mellencamp I've always been a mellencamp fan but w no real radio and MTV or vh1 playing real music anymore I lost connection I've bought every album through the years but sad clowns album the release interviews on tv I've really got into it again and I have bought a new CD player and brought out those artifacts called cds and lonesome jubilee I'm 36 and around same age John was making that album and I have always been huge fan of that album but now I really know exactly what he is saying what an album 30 years later still means the same thing
7  MELLENCAMP.COM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Ask / Concert DVD? on: May 04, 2017, 01:39:20 am
I've been john mellencamp fan since 86 I was 5 years old I could sing and do every move except splits to every video on MTV till of course MTV quit playing real music but I wasn't old enough to see him in concert like during lonesome jubilee or scarecrow or before that and do you think John would ever put out like an old concert DVD or maybe a little series of them I see YouTube and people that filmed it obviously w/o his knowledge cause sound quality is barely tolerable I can hear John singing but the sound quality is not good I'd love to watch a concert from 88 w great sound and production I don't know just an idea I think there is a lot of fans true fans that were to young to really see john and the band during that time I have seen him live since in 2005 awesome show I seen July 4th 1992 the iheart concerts both on internet it would be magnificent if he would
8  MELLENCAMP.COM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Announcements & Updates / Re: Mellencamp Newsletter: Sad Clowns & Hillbillies Out TODAY! on: May 02, 2017, 03:24:21 am
Loving the new album never a disappoint to get new john mellencamp music
9  MELLENCAMP DISCUSSION / Mellenmoments / Wall of fame at high school on: May 02, 2017, 03:09:55 am
I started listening to John at 5/6 years old 86/87 well in 1990 my mom moved to Seymour from Augusta Georgia and in 93 me my brother and sister joined been here since but in 96/97 they had a wall of fame thing at Seymour high school and I knew they were putting John on it but everyone kept saying he wasn't coming well we in the gym bored about whoever they inducted before him and I seen Elaine In hall behind bleachers on opposite side of me well they started to announce him being inducted and here comes John and Elaine place goes wild everyone except a real John mellencamp fan since I was 6 and not because we lived in same town a real fan I'm stuck to my seat legs like spaghetti noodles I was numb I was like that that's that that's John mellencamp I'll never forget that
10  MELLENCAMP.COM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Ask / Re: Autograph again on: April 20, 2017, 07:25:45 pm
11  MELLENCAMP DISCUSSION / Video & Audio / Re: "Thundering Hearts" on American Bandstand on: April 14, 2017, 12:23:51 pm
Awesome I'll tell you dick Clark was funny too but loved the song and the footage
12  MELLENCAMP DISCUSSION / Polls / Re: Favorite Video from the Scarecrow Album? on: April 14, 2017, 12:22:12 pm
Small town my hometown is Seymour and it's the video
13  MELLENCAMP DISCUSSION / Introduce Yourself / Re: My absolute favorite on: April 12, 2017, 07:53:08 pm
I really am same way on which album I'm listening to but minutes to memories and big daddy of them all really are 2 I listen to every time I see it albums change frequently one day it's john cougar small paradise then tomorrow I'll be mr happy go lucky it changes a lot something about the early 80s from 80-85 got me going right at the moment
14  MELLENCAMP.COM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Ask / Autograph again on: April 12, 2017, 01:47:04 am
Is a vinyl record cover to big to send im a huge vinyl collector and John is by far my favorite so I'd love to have my scarecrow album signed that would be awesome to have on my wall
15  MELLENCAMP DISCUSSION / All About John / Re: Visit to Seymour on: April 11, 2017, 11:32:01 pm
Augusta was where I lived for longest but I remember all of it yeah r.e.m another band from '80s MTV days best part of childhood but other than larrisons and art gallery the Seymour John sang about is long gone most places in videos are gone but downtown has a parking meter dedicated to john that's probably my favorite thing here and the mellencamp tombstone on edge of town but it's still my hometown it's still my my favorite place to be I'll probably die and they better bury me here
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