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Title: Videos from Philadelphia show Feb 21, 2011
Post by: edhead on February 22, 2011, 09:46:08 pm
I posted links to a bunch of videos from the Philly show in the Videos and Audio topic;  or go to the NYC child board, follow a link, and look at the rest of my videos to see the Philly ones, there are 8 of them, from the front row!  What a great, great nite of great music.  Pretty much rock and roll nirvana for me.  The girl who got pulled up on stage, both she and her friend are real big fans, they know all the words including everything from the NBTT and LDLF; so it was great to hang with people that are as big of fans as I am.  I have to see this show again...hmmmm  Atlanta, Columbia, Denver, San Fran,   where should I go???