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Title: Thank You Mom for showing me what GREAT music is!
Post by: Jordyn8 on February 04, 2011, 10:58:41 pm
I had the honor of having my mom in my life for the short 26 years I was able to spend with her. Then lost her suddenly. She was wild,crazy,fun and is why I LOVE John sooo much. My first concert to see him was with her, crazy enough we were 2 sections back and the only ones rockin out. We were even asked to sit down by some boring woman, we moved our rocking moves to the isle and were asked to move there also. Then crazy mom (who had been drinking) actually got onto the back stage elevator at the concord pavilion, got to stage level and almost had them convinced that she had given birth to me 20 yrs prior and John was my dad. They didn't buy it. When I lost her suddenly on September 23,2002, I found that my strongest attachment was how much we enjoyed Mellencamp music together and dancing to VHS videos she recorded in the 80's. Thank you John for your music that has allowed me to still have something in life that keeps me strongly connected to her. I miss you more than words can explain Mom- Cindi Lebon~ August 24,1955-September 23,2002. Thank you John, can't wait to have my hubby experience how fuckin awesome you are in concert April 2011, Warfield SF.