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Title: Setlists
Post by: jszfunk on March 12, 2019, 01:17:07 pm
Just would like some thoughts on Johns setlist. We went to the Louisville show the other day. I was hoping to hear some of the songs from OPS(besides Stones in My Passway), but that did not happen.

I would like to see him rotate his standard setlist songs with more
deep tracks. I understand he has to play the hits(for the crowd,please the masses) or a good portion, but to be honest I could careless if I were to ever hear any of those again. No offense to John and that material, but I have heard enough to last me a life time. But like I said you have to please the masses. It might freshen things up for him and the audience.

John has some great deep stuff and honestly I prefer the material of the last 10-11 yrs more than anything.
The 90's has some really solid material, and its ignored in concert.

I would like to hear him do a stripped down acoustic tour, more rootsy/folk/blues flavor. Thats where he shines IMHO.