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Title: Australian Tour - any chance for 2019?
Post by: Swell67 on October 18, 2018, 12:18:08 pm
 Is there any chance that John and the band will be touring Australia after the USA tour 2019 or later that year? It has been a while since he has come 'Downunder'.

For consideration:
* who the tour promoter is
* when the ads for the shows are actually aired [not 11pm -  midnight, like last time] and frequency
* hitting the social media sites hard to promote and giving enough time for people to plan etc for shows
* getting interviews on the main talk shows [including radio] / morning TV / paid TV like Foxtel, with John to announce the tour etc
* finding someone who knows the type of venues suited to John's style of concert - wineries, not the way to go, long ways to travel, limited accommodation and shite to leave after the show if you are driving - eg Sidney Myer music bowl - great indoor/outdoor area, suited for warmer weather from November to March OR The Plenary - great, intimate venue, new, comfy seating and sound and accessible for transport and accommodation needs [and this is just Melbourne venues as a start]
* picking venues that are central, allows for a wider range of people to access the shows and stay in accommodation that is suited to their financial levels - ie pick a venue within the main cities or larger country cities / towns - guaranteed better attendance and link to public transport etc
* comparative prices to tickets in the US and Canada  - VIP tickets retailed for the last tour, which was cancelled in OZ, for over $1000, compared to $300+ in the US and Canada - even with conversions to AU$, the discrepancy in prices is a lot. NOTED: it is understandable that there a large costs associated with a tour and the distance obviously. I believe IMHO that lowering prices would also improve ticket sales. **Look at how easily they have been selling for the USA tour next year...

Any other Aussies out there have any more ideas? - we really want to get John and the band back to OZ soon...