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Title: St Catharine's Show
Post by: Swell67 on October 08, 2018, 09:58:30 am
As I sit here with my morning coffee, I reflect on last night's sold out show in the intimate Meridian Centre, St Catharine's. I personally don't know how John and the band can play night after night and still come on stage with the same amount of energy as the first show. I guess it takes years of practise, with set and healthy routines - ??

It was an emotional night - playing on your birthday, is an interesting feat. There were 2 renditions of 'Happy Birthday' and John took it gracefully, humbled by it all, bless.

The crowd were on their feet from the moment 'Lawless Times' started and pretty much stood, sang and danced for 85% of the show. Kudos to the couple near me who boogied the night away at the front - loved it.   :) 

Speaking to people in the crowd as I have been since arriving in Canada, many were seeing John for the first time, but last night a lot had seen him many, many times. To quote one lady "I buy tickets to John's shows, no questions asked, why, because I know I am going to have a great time, pure and simple."  As a long time fan, I whole heartedly agree. I have bought tickets to shows for 2019 and I haven't even heard the new CD yet, but I know it will be great and the shows value for money.

The show ran like clockwork, starting at 8pm with the mini doco and the crowd listened well. The show concluded at about 10pm-10.10pm mark - John plays through, with maybe a 5 minute pitstop in the middle where Miriam and Troye weave their magic on the violin and accordion respectively for the Overture. IMHO John's voice has got better with age and adds an extra quality to the songs. The show is well choreographed, as I have mentioned before, giving all the band a chance to shine and show the mastery of their instruments and talents. There is wit, cheeky banter, some political statements and some home truths that need to be said.

Songs of the night: Pink Houses, Authority Song & Crumblin' Down crowd favs with high participation etc, but the winner by far with a standing ovation from some and loud clapping of approval was 'Easy Target' - very moving.

So as the lights came up for another show's end and the people filed out, lots of happy chatter about how great the show was, where was 'Hurt So Good?', looking forward to hearing the new CD etc... I could go on, the benefits of waiting for an Uber, you can listen...

As we drove off and saw people hanging around waiting for John to come out, and the roadies so efficiently packing things up, I end by again thanking John and the band for another great show - see you on the flip side in a few weeks - Canada beckons, much to continue to see and do, friends to visit ...

Happy birthday John - blessings.  :D

Title: Re: St Catharine's Show
Post by: TonyBClubManager on October 08, 2018, 12:22:47 pm
Thank you for these great review postings, wonderful of you to share with your fellow fans!

Title: Re: St Catharine's Show
Post by: Swell67 on October 08, 2018, 03:24:01 pm
Thanks for your kind words Tony, wish we could have caught up!