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Post by: Swell67 on October 06, 2018, 10:59:28 pm
Words cannot begin to express how awesome tonight was at the Tribute Communities Centre in Oshawa. There was a certain buzz in the audience. Perhaps it was the anticipation of what was to come, could have been the beers, no matter - it was a massive party and John was the guest of honour.

People had come from near and far to be here, some for the first time and some repeat goers. Needless to say when John hit the stage at 8.30pm [after the great documentary], all systems were go.

Like all the shows so far, I believe the fans take a while to get their bearings, take some footage or photos and have their 'OMG we are here and there's John' moment. But when 'Small Town' comes on.... Oshawa, like the rest, let loose! Talk about a choir of voices - you guys were in great form - man oh man! Many goosebump moments.

I was lucky enough to be sitting to the right of the stage this time around and I must say Mike and Jon didn't disappoint. Jon, the pocket rocket, encouraging us all to participate and sing louder - such a fun and talented guy! Mike, I take back the unassuming comment, mate, you rocked the stage baby!! This man has serous skills - take some time to watch how he plays. A genius, with no time for napping! [when you see the show you will understand this comment].

John - another super performance tonight, delightfully cheeky at times - full of great stories, sang the hits, so passionate and encouraged whole-hearted audience involvement. Those overalls you wear must have some sort of superpower, as you were on fire today with all those dance moves and great guitar work!  :o :o :o

****The audience, all be it a day early, broke out into 'happy birthday' to John. A nice moment and a lucky fan even had a chance to hand him a card and flowers.****  :-*

Stand out song/s for the night: - there were so many - Full Catastrophe - so dramatic, so beautiful. Lawless Times - just so funky! Jack and Diane - 2nd verse people!! LOL - we sang as one and it was GOOD!

Moment of the night for me: during Pink Houses it goes ...'Ain't that America for you and me...' instead the young lads next to me sang 'Ain't that Canada for you and me...'  :)
Happy Thanks Giving Canada.  :-*

Another stand out show John and the band, thank you.
Remember this is a show not to be missed - grab a ticket if you can, tomorrow in St Catharine's it will be a special night, bring your best voices and dancing shoes!