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Title: My first crush was John Cougar at age 13. Thank you MTV
Post by: Eileenk on June 16, 2017, 11:02:11 pm
I had my best friend Dawn and I would carry a boom box around Scotia New York. We were his biggest fans we sang LITTLE ditty about Dawn and Eileen two American kids doing the best that we can. SHE IS GONE AT after 43 years .our last message on line was us remembering how we sang that little ditty and we felt like we could face our crazy lives of alcoholic parents and disfunctional family's. AT 46 I embarrased  my 16 year old son singing all the oldies. He even knows China Girl . I WON'T BREAK YOU CHINA GIRL IF YOU TAKE ME INTO YOUR ARMS ,IT'S BEEN MY GOOD FORTUNE TO FIND YOU CHINA GIRL.  PAPER AND FIRE HAS BEEN ANOTHER FAVORITE.  MELLENCAMP was the first concert I Ever went to, Mom took me and my brother. Mom passed last year too. AM I SILLY TO THINK I need to see him in North Carolina where we are now one more time for Mom and Dawn. GOD I sound crazy. I HAVE TO SAY I DON'T SEE HIM TOUR  IN NC A LOT. 🤔 I really like the song that don't get a lot of play time.