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Title: Chicago Show, Oct.2016
Post by: sjl21 on August 29, 2016, 04:24:27 pm
Just curious. Anyone know why there were no tickets available in the pit section for this show? got my tix during the vip presale and I was very surprised i was unable to get pit seats. I always was able to get pit seats for past shows. Whats even more odd, there are no pit seats being offered now on stub hub! What gives?

Title: Re: Chicago Show, Oct.2016
Post by: taz7676 on September 13, 2016, 06:43:21 pm
Tony said it's because this show is being filmed, that's where the cameras will be. I wanted the pit again too!

Title: Re: Chicago Show, Oct.2016
Post by: sjl21 on October 28, 2016, 04:09:33 pm
Wow, What a surprise!  We got to the show about 20 min before John came on. Had 5th row center, and was disappointed i could not get pit seats. When we gave them our printed tickets he told us we had to go to the ticket window for refund. We gave them the paper tickets and they gave us back regular ticket master tickets. I thought that was kinda weird. As we were walking in i looked at the tix and saw they were for the pit, row bbb (2nd row) center! Frickin awesome!!
I was told that after setting up cameras they found they didn't need the whole pit so they gave them to those who purchased the premium ticket package.. They had to bunch the seats up very close to the stage so we were very close!  Thanks to whoever did that! The show was GREAT  !

Title: Re: Chicago Show, Oct.2016
Post by: ceb101963 on November 21, 2016, 09:14:05 am
I too was upset that I couldn't purchase tickets in the first row.  It wasn't until I got inside the theater that I realized the reason.  I think the first 4-5 rows were available for center row ticket purchase but anything after that for quite a few rows back were blocked for purchase because that's where the camera's were located.  I'm sure you all know the show was recorded so the rows were needed so the film crew could do their job.  Yes it sucked we weren't lucky to get in on those first rows but at least I felt better about not getting them when I knew the reason.  Trust and believe I was pitching a big ole fit because I spent 3 hours on hold with TM trying to get front row seats and couldn't.  I still ended up with good seats but I'm use to getting front row to JM's shows.  BTW...the show was AWESOME! 
What I want to know is when will the DVD be available?  I know I was filmed a few times as the camera passed by and I'm curious to see if I made the cut and will be on the DVD or if I was edited/cut out of it.   :D