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Title: KY Bound?
Post by: johns1 on October 04, 2010, 01:18:39 pm
I was curious if to see if there's any word on whether or not John was going to be in Kentucky on this tour. I saw the dates and it looks like Cinci is going to be the closest location.

I was also had a question in general too regarding ticket pricing. For a champion of the working class, the ticket prices seem to be pretty consistently out of reach for many. I've been a fan for a long time, having spent much of childhood about 12 miles outside of Seymour, In. I know the land he sings about quite well. When I review the ticket prices, they keep going up every year. I've not seen him in concert now for several years because of that fact. By the time I drive two hours to Cincinnati, pay $100+ for a couple of tickets w/ dinner and maybe a souvenir if possible, the cost comes to $200 or more.

With these "premium" ticket deal of $250 or more, that really doesn't seem to go w/ the working men and women he has championed for so many decades. Families have it tougher now than they have in nearly 100 years and one can't even afford to really take a family to the movies w/ spending a small fortune it would seem like. I know this won't change anything because these things aren't for the working men and women of our country any more but I wanted to say something, especially since many of the people who are supported by events like Farm Aid likely can't afford to attend the concerts and enjoy an event in their honor. Tickets at Farm Aid range from $39.50 to $97.50. Are there a lot of working family farmers in American who can cough up that kind of money?

*steps down off soap box* I hope it's a good show.

Title: Re: KY Bound?, I wish...
Post by: dickhutton on October 10, 2010, 04:49:48 pm
With respect, think yourself lucky. I have to come from England to see John in concert and would welcome a two hour trip. We have to save for years for the two trips in 05 and 08.
I'm thinking of relocating to Indiana when I retire in two years just to get some rocking in before I die.

All the best,