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Title: The Most Pathetic Mistake I Have Ever Made
Post by: MrSickboy50 on April 27, 2016, 02:37:55 pm
Last night, I did probably the most horrible thing imaginable. At least, for a Mellencamp fan. I just felt like sharing this story because it was embarrassingly hilarious, and also devastating. Maybe some of you Mellenheads out there have done somehting similar? Anyways...
So, I had John Mellencamp's autograph in my hands last night and I was jamming out and listening to his songs in bed. I was smiling, having a GREAT time. I was probably the happiest girl in the world, because I had John's autograph right here in my hands, I just saw him live in concert, and he is my HERO. Well, I just happened to look over my shoulder, and I saw a bottle of my perfume on my dresser. I was tempted to put it on, so I did. Then, I started acting like a fool, spraying it around my room while listening to John's music. I was having a BLAST acting like a typical 17 year old girl- (the CD I was playing was Cuttin' Heads, in case you were wondering). Suddenly, I got the "brilliant idea" to spray the perfume on his autograph because I wanted it to smell good. (The WORST IDEA I EVER HAD IN MY LIFE). So I did in fact spray a little bit of it on the autograph. Then I took the sheets and rubbed it off a little so it would dry. What an IDIOT I am! You know what happened exactly... it faded away almost completely! I was so devastated, tears began to run down my cheeks IMMEDIATELY and I quickly grabbed a sharpie to try to write over it... but it's not the same... John, my idol and hero, gave his autograph to me an I ruined it. I didn't even have it for a year! So, I am writing him a letter and I'm telling him all about my foolishness and my genuine mistake, hoping I can have a real autograph and not one poorly traced over by me. I promised him I'd take such good care of it I'll even put it in a frame. I feel like the biggest idiot in the world... and if you've done something similar, please tell me. This was the WORST Mellenmoment I've ever had, hands down.