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Title: Hey
Post by: codymoore on August 22, 2014, 04:19:56 pm
Hello.  My name is Cody and I currently reside in Seymour, Indiana and grew up 10 miles west of here.  John and his music has been an unbelievable influence on me as I can remember being very young playing American Fool on my 33 RPM record player; it was an orange Dukes of Hazzard one (does that tell you how young I was).  Lol.  I chose to play drums at a young age because of how John's music made me feel and I wanted to provide others that feeling when I played.  I now have played for around 25 years and still love it to this day (presently play in an unbelievable country/rock band). 

Of course living in Seymour, there are quite a few individuals that know John etc.  I was fortunate enough to go into a local music store, owned by one of John's former drummers.  I was seriously dumbfounded when I saw all of the memorabilia as I had no idea he was tied to John.  We talked about John, music, and influences for quite some time and I explained to him about how John influenced me; he said lets go jam to a couple of his tunes.  It was super cool.  I've never had the opportunity to meet John, would love to eventually.

If you're wondering what my favorite songs are from John, they are Human Wheels and Eden is Burning.