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Title: Great show at Mohegan Sun, July 5, 2015. Setlist Spoiler
Post by: Twinkie on July 06, 2014, 02:15:34 pm
Wow!  We really enjoyed the show last night.  First time seeing John Mellencamp live on stage.  His band is excellent, of course.  I believe it was almost 1-1/2 hours long.  Lots of singing and dancing along.  Looked to be sold out or pretty near sold out.  9 to 10 thousand fans.

Set list (please advise any discrepancies you might see)

1.  Not sure of this one...sounded like a Johnny Cash song.
2.  Human Wheels.
3.  Troubled Man.
4.  Minutes to Memories.
5.  Check It Out.

6.  Jack and Diane.
Heart warming story about John and his grandmother.
7.  Longest Days.
8.  Small Town.
9.  New Hymn.
10. Rain on the Scarecrow.
11. Paper In Fire.
12. Crumblin' Down.
13. R.O.C.K. In the USA.
14. Pink Houses.
15. Authority Song.
16. Cherry Bomb.

17.  Hurts So Good.