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Title: How do you listen to your music?
Post by: turmbird on September 26, 2013, 02:45:21 pm
The way listening to music has changed a lot in the past. I would like to know, how do you listen to music, what format, what device do you use?

I ask this, as I am getting more and more confused.
Starting out with vinyl records (which I still love today), then came the CDs (which were ok, though I hated the plastic cases), then MP3 downloads (which started the chaos for me), and now itīs all about streaming.
Nobody seems to buy and own anything anymore, but just listen to music from a cloud?
They claim "all music wherever you go", but I am not sure, if I need this.

Does anyone here use streaming portals (spotify, napster, deezer, etc.)? What are your experiences?

Title: Re: How do you listen to your music?
Post by: sheilafarmer on September 26, 2013, 03:00:54 pm
I use CDs and down load them to my iTunes and then to my iPad or iPod. I only download music that is rare and I can't get it anywhere else. I still like to have the CDs in case I loose my file, which I may add I have cuz my stupid computer got a nasty spam and wiped out my whole computer. Lucky I save my itunes on a memory drive but sometime I forget to update and and I ask poor,Walktall for help on the rare stuff. Thank you Walktall!

Title: Re: How do you listen to your music?
Post by: mitch1982 on September 27, 2013, 12:18:42 pm
I'm a complete mix of cross-over.  CD's and radio in the car with the odd plug-in from my iPhone.  No cloud music for me.  Love CD's because when I download music to my mobile device I truly miss the liner notes and inside info. you get.  At home....well CD's only for me if and when I do get to put something on.  If on the bus or taking the subway then tunes off my phone.

Now if my lovely iPhone ( >:( ) would synch to my laptop then there are over 800 songs loaded there from my CD library that I'd love to have on the go!!

Title: Re: How do you listen to your music?
Post by: jakesmom204 on October 07, 2013, 12:38:15 pm
Long time fan and long time club member here. I started out with records, then they stopped making them and I switched to tapes, then eventually to CDs when my husband finally gave in and accepted that we had to buy a CD player to get music.  For a long time I collected everything  JM that I could get on CD, and thanks to many friends and club members I was able to get quite a collection.  I also had every performance and interview on VHS.  Then, technology changed once again and and left me behind.  I think I reached the point of not wanting to go through any more copying and recording. I have an old desktop computer that is too slow to do much, a combo CD DVD player/recorder that I never had the patience to learn to use.  I guess I figured by the time I copied everything it would be obsolete anyway. An old dumb phone, no ipads, ipods,iphones, itunes, i anything.  In fact the kid gave me his old ipod and I spent a few minutes trying to copy stuff and decided that it wasn't worth it.  I could play the CD in the player or car and that was good enough. So now I can hardly even buy a CD. So I guess it's Video Killed the Radio Star for me, just Technology Killed the Mellencamp Fan is a little more relevant. The videos are collecting dust now.