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Title: Trivial Mellencamp Pursuit number 2/reisaloisgerber
Post by: reisaloisgerber on September 18, 2013, 11:18:53 am
Here is a new idea re: teenage dreamland of the early eighties/J. Mellencamp I.D./Game Plan/Trivial Pursuit
 This recording came out in 1983. The "we don't curse here" rule was broken twice, as
    "refreshing" and "cool" as many of us found it. The classic "Pink Houses" won a Grammy that
     year, and the thrust of the record was "beating the system" in ways that put "decision to
     buy" in the hands of the public "rock and roll" generation, and not those who disdain
     "cussing", even though "under your breath"...and ending with..."promises" that aren't real
     unless they come "from the heart".

   This is truly a blog number and the answers will follow the questions so we're all on the same
   path here...
   1. The title of this release was...
   2.  In which song does John quote himself as "...making him feel like a man after all..."?
        *hint/what the...?
   3.  In which song does he perennially put his assets down with the following announcement-"you know you can't touch that stuff without money or a brand new car?"
                      and quotes the advice to be..."let me give you some advice,my friend...
                      better learn to play guitar!"
    4. "Who can I call to make my reservation for every groan in the dark?" is summed up
         nicely in which Mellencamp song?

1. Uh-huh
2. Lovin' Mother for ya'
3. Play Guitar
4. From the Heart
I loved that...I will write next week-r.