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Title: Moose Jaw - Fantastic Show and No Disappointment with the VIP Seats!!
Post by: kstucker on June 26, 2012, 10:50:27 am
To all you VIP ticket holders for an upcoming show on the Canadian tour...based on my experience with the Moose Jaw show, you should not be disappointed!  Traveled more than 2,000 miles from North Carolina to Moose Jaw to see JM so was hoping the 64 seconds it took me to purchase my VIP tickets the day they went on sale for the pre-sale was fast enough to make my journey worthwhile.  Well, I found out from our VIP host that only one other person beat me in the VIP ticket pre-sale for Moose Jaw and so I was incredibly happy when our host presented me with my two tickets which were located in the best center section (section 2) of the venue and my seats were in the front row!!

Concert was amazing...another epic performance from JM and the band.  AND, he gave us all an extra surprise at the end...just when we thought the concert was over, John asked for the house lights to be turned on...he looked puzzled when they did not come on and then asked the crowd if we had time for one more song...crowd roared with a resounding "YES" and so JM proceeded to sing "Hurts So Good" and we were all ecstatic!!!

To add to the already amazing night, my husband and I were interviewed by the local press and our comments were included in the article covering the concert...full article is in the paper copy of the local paper (Moose Jaw Times Herald) but you can read a condensed version here:

I hope everyone enjoys the concert as much as we did!!!!!!!  And, Moose Jaw is a lovely town, full of wonderful people and rich history.  We will definitely return to Moose Jaw for a visit!  :)