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Title: Thunder Bay!!! ♥♥♥
Post by: Chevelle81 on June 26, 2012, 01:20:36 am
Hey John, I can't believe your here. July 2nd is my 31st Birthday and you being here is the greatest gift ever!! Truly, I mean it! I have a tape from 1981 "American Fool" it sticks from cigarette smoke but it was the best tape I ever borrowed and never returned. Ha ha I am going to bring it to your show tomorrow night and maybe if I am lucky I'll bump into you :)
I must tell you the first song I ever heard as a child that made me love your music and your stories was " Grandma's Theme" it always played right before Small Town and together those to songs were the life of growing up in a small mining town :) You are the best and your music, words and wisdom are what keep my stereo true to the greatest songs in music. My Fav off your new album is Thinking About You's beautiful!!
See you tomorrow night John!! We were suppose to before the show but I guess that was cancelled :( Hope fate just happens to let me see you briefly afterwards :) Oh and " Dance Naked should have been on this set list...I love that it! ♥ xoxo