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Title: Jersey Mellencamp Fan
Post by: CherryNJBomb on February 16, 2012, 03:45:45 pm
Early 80's - A Woolworths waitress - who would go on break with my coworkers and learn the words to Jack and Diane till we got it right. Saw John at MSG with my now hubster - and he offered to give us all our money back cuz he was so pissed that the speakers and sound were cutting out.. We didn't ask for our money back - and he donated it to the farmers.  Saw John at the IZOD by the end of the 80's and I could swear he spotted me in the crowd  ??? lol..   Of course I was his #1 fan during the early MTV years Ė saw him each and every time I could in the 80ís, 90ís, 00ís and just 3 months ago in Newark, NJ at a small venue (yummy!!!).   My son and daughter (adults now!!) know who John is.. and Iíve taken my daughter to see him with her friends in NYC (she loved him).  Johnís music still hits those happy chords in my body.  I have a hallway of my 10 favorite albums in my home, and of course SCARECROW was one of the first to be put up on the wall..   Such a thing of Beauty..

Title: Re: Jersey Mellencamp Fan
Post by: marianne123 on February 17, 2012, 12:07:39 pm
I really enjoyed reading your post.  I think it's cool when our kids become fans too!

Title: Re: Jersey Mellencamp Fan
Post by: dolly23 on February 20, 2012, 08:05:11 am
Yes I agree, took my then 20 year old son to Centerstage, he has listened to John's music from his carseat to his own jeep, but after seeing him in person said "I like what he stands for Mom, he's a cool guy!"
Took my 21yr old daughter to her first Mellencamp show this past Feb
@ Radio city, she really got into it also.

My personal opinion, there is not a lot of good music out there, you have to search for it, that is why I believe my kids listen to a lot of the
artists I did.  Keep on making music John!