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Title: Stop corporations from appropriating Iowa land!
Post by: Courtz72 on July 15, 2011, 07:41:58 pm (

This is the worst quote I've read lately regarding local farmers:  "At a recent auction of 156 acres in Iowa, the 50 or so farmers who showed up withheld their bids out of respect for a beloved local farmer who had rented the land for two decades and wanted to own it. But his final bid of $1.1 million was topped by a California insurance executive."

I'm just from a small town in Iowa, gardening in my back yard, with a farm in the family.  I have always remembered Farm Aid, and Mr. Mellencamp's performances (my family took me to his concert in Quad Cities for a surprise 30th birthday celebration).  If anyone can figure out what do do about this, he can get the ball rolling!  PLEASE help....  from Iowa.