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Author Topic: An Unsettling Generation's Doubt (Maryjane and the Doctor)  (Read 8486 times)
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« on: September 25, 2018, 08:32:25 am »

"I take to the streets on the stumping grounds
 The forbidden fruit is never broken and how..."
Regards and the best in life to miss "wildwood flower"
Do I have to say this?

some people think they have the world by the balls. What a surprise when they find out they don't. and that's all.
I just listened to "My Soul Has Wings", JohnCM and CarleneC and the dykes of my heart overflooded. They are such dynamic music pals...these two are paired well, I sense karma...whoever that weary baby is, I am glad she still sings Roll Eyes
somewhere inbetweens there and, of course, infinity.
"word gets around in a small, small town
 they said he was a dangerous man
 but mama was proud and she stood her ground
 she knew she was on the losing end..."
but I will say that newfound American freedom is as far away as dropping a bomb on Hiroshima and walking away saying "yay for the US of A we won the war..." how many people died just by virtue of their Japanese business suits, for goodness sakes? Coping like Copenhagen,for goodness sakes! Something is still smoldering in Denmark! And you know who knows it. So we must not get away from a sinking ship, Titanic notwithstanding. The America we know must not be overrun by Mexicans who go 'round the gulf and enter through Florida (a "sister to sister" joke), avoiding this Trump resistance entirely. Of course, they are welcome. "Give me your tired and poor", for goodness sakes...for sure!
But shalom to my Jewish brothers and sisters preparing for the Jewish New Years and hoping for one more year in the book of life.
Martina McBride, thanks for "Independence Day," even though nothing works  Huh anymore. But I still am letting myself smile for once. With a token, of course, of appreciation for the "buck it" generation.
Peace in onliness and pray to wish jcm a good future...and just in case we ever hook up, this is my peace offering to quell an unsettling generation's doubt.

maryjane and the joctor

she's on to me

The doctor put her red blouse on
she madea cup of tea
maryjane was dancing in the winter with her sugarfreeze
"dead on!" Roll Eyes said the doctor
"right!" said maryjane
if you just don't know which way to turn,you can hang a left and avoid the scene...
and the lovers kept on loving
and the grubbers kept on grubbing
the pushers kept on shoving
and the liars kept on fibbing
the doctor made some scrambled X
she had another cup of T
maryjane took in some change
and put her dirty clothes in the washing machine
and the steering wheel kept on turning
the fire kept on burning (sorrow)
the students kept on learning
and the hurters kept on hurting (borrow)
the happy people kept on smiling
the telephone screamers kept on dialing
the weeping willows kept on crying
and the fighters kept on fighting (peace)
the talkers kept on talking (shutup)
the walkers kept on walking
the chickens kept on sqwalking (jm)
and the stalkers kept on stalking
*one note...I do not see bench left without case m.

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reisa gerber
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« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2018, 07:08:51 pm »

Racketeer, will this site let you or can you share a picture of this work?
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