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Author Topic: Silent Screaming T  (Read 81 times)
reisa gerber
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« on: July 06, 2018, 07:59:51 pm »

I can remember a day long ago when I had a conversation with a"man who makes the rain" down "in the canyon" where "smoke starts to rise..." all rock and roll quotes...
I had one of my long-winded chats...the enemy of the
person in "treatment," for mindselfless listening.
He listened awhile and he said "G-e- r" ( my last name)...the thorn in every rose. "...I know that heavy down to
be true...
I picture coming to a rock concert sometimes, and I can see the performers sensing this "blue" come in, bringing everyone down...It aint a matter of hurting anyone
but a matter of ruining a good time...and of course splitting when it's over. Taken 4 granted...judgement is coming. Ha-ha-ha (ur mom too?) on my own.👑U take a good time a little too far som lolololetimes...if no one rules U and U don't rule anyone else, is it like going 35miles over the speed limit though??? Does someone have to rule U? I don,'t know.. your plausible analysis is, so, like, who cares?
Ever see people having a good time and you bring bad vibes in and they have to stop for you and  it holds them up? Oh yeah "G-e-r..." I can't laugh! U bum me out!" "I gotta laugh!"What??? I do not allow songs that I may have created  under the umbrella of a raised hand with a contribution or two to be copyrighted by some light who didn't ate them...basically
If I thought I was an asset, I would have become a groupie and made the scene  a long timer ago!!! Don't really know why. make your OWN priority the biggie is also not right. But yeah, U could have people in your corner.But I mean, if someone's gonna call your number, you can't really getaway from it...although a million doctors and therapists assure you it ain't reality. There is only one reality.
But okay I had my first sample of "teevee psychiatry" yesterday. It ain't an easy game to play. Well there you go. Who cares what I said enough to even bother listening at all? So...wham bam thankyou, ma'am! At the end you just turn it off, period., and go. I heard the latest poor mama doc grasping at straws for a resolution..."done"! One more "I beg of you" from "the one"...
But yeah... "I'm Losing You" has a new feel to it. Like a "silent screaming T"...Nothing is new under the sun. Release me¥¥ me, jcm!😇😴laughing so much at a geni. I do not.
Later. I called it private time. 👎?
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reisa gerber
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