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Author Topic: Getting It Together on the Internet  (Read 576 times)
reisa gerber
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« on: November 11, 2017, 09:38:08 pm »

This evening I was trying to record a cassette tape of John Mellencamp's more classic songs, such as his hit songs from 1978-88...I finished it off with "Man With No Expression" and smiled inside thin king about life...because I do relate to the "lack of emotion"...if this is actually believable, I have not cried since probably the midnineties...
but I laughed for about an hour last month. I'm very very
and confidential to Aerosmith fans...I do
"...take out the trash...". And frankly, as a person involved in the throes of the system, that's your answer. So.
But there is a redeeming thing...
I teach a warmup exercise class Monday through Friday in the mornings as I have mentioned prior and tonight as I recorded songs from the more classic C.D.s and ended with "Cherry Bomb", I felt like a societal success at last! Now I am using poor old Mellencamp
in a positive way! The cherry on the
...The only problem is..."why was John Mellencamp laughing on the editted version of "whenever we wanted to"
the middle of "Get a Leg Up"? Did I do something wrong?
Well..actually, I'm a trivia bust...
I bet you noone knows anything about "the little white houses" in "Happy Go Lucky" from 1996 lol...verses the "little pink houses" we all know from "Uh-Huh", 1983...who cares, right?
My avenues of expression can sometimes be lonely for me and I do appreciate replies.
But I hope to have this letter posted.  As in "The Authority Song"...."I fight authority, authority, always win..."
I have learned to respect the Community and hopefully in time, the other sites I post on will be respected as well, important, because I have a special message...probably the
best thing of all! I have a picture of John Mellencamp and his old flame "setting each other on fire" so long ago on ____ the full album "whenever we wanted to"... And even a little part of this amazing musician's real life, even one musical line, just wouldn't do him justice...because I do think he's worth "a million years...before he feels like this..."with a real friend or l.u.v...his own words cover this on "cutting heads" 2001...and what a tragedy...a "little peep" as I sit with my friend eating b.l.t.s...yass
it's all relative. we don't hafta do if we don't wanna do. So we try to " it up..."...especially if we're over 21. It will shine when we're all adult...b.r.t.s ie: conf.
I have an artists site on TUMBLR..."flagbarer" hooray for tomorrow...and to make it totally real, my real relationship with the Community, exhibiting my own photography, will be transferred to TUMBLR.High price for justice, but alright...
I enjoy my experiences in the Community, although 3 times it's been tenuous lmao, right?....I speak with high hopes for the future.
And though right now, a lot of people who work in the system probably deal with their own duality, I think that the rest of the people belong to a "restless multiplicity", that want to see good things happen.
And that's about it!🎈😀
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reisa gerber
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