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Author Topic: Baltimore Concert  (Read 5209 times)
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« on: June 13, 2015, 12:33:11 am »

OMG! How awesome was John tonight? He said he wasn't feeling well, but he sounded GREAT! My son and I have been going to see John whenever he was close ( In DC, Atlantic City {twice} In Virginia with John Fogerty, in Aberdeen with Willie Nelson, and Bob Dylan. But tonight he was in our own backyard. I don't think he's been here since the Scarecrow tour, which was many moons ago. So we have been going to John's shows since my son was 17. And now 17 has turned 35 and we still go whenever he is close. Best thing I ever did as a parent was introduce Josh to John., And John was at his best tonight. A great mix of old and new. We had the best seats EVER in the second row, and I think John and I shared a moment there. LOL !!!!!! I love the small venues, and can hardly wait till next time. I wish it was only 7:30, and we  were starting all over. One of my favorite John shows. Please come back soon.
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« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2015, 11:36:30 am »

He wasn't feeling well!? Hhhmm... I just saw him in Detroit (The show right before yours) and he was in an AMAZING mood!!! He was smiling and everybody, talking to the fans, dancing, winking, even touching their hands. In fact, I got front row (I'm only 16) and he touched my hand THREE times!!!! The first time, he lightly touched the tips of my fingers. The second time, he demanded a fist bump from me but I just grabbed his arm and hand instead! And the third time, he took both of my hands, squeezed them so tight I began losing circulation, and he swayed my arms back and forth, smiling at me with those bright blue eyes of his! I started to fall in love! He would wink at me over ten times, and he loved the reaction he'd get form me. I would squeal and cry and jump up and down, and he would smile at me so sweetly! My heart was melting like and icecream cone!!!! I'm STILL star struck!!! Oh I love him so much! And then he spoke to me! He was talking about old times, and then he came up right to my face and said, "And the younger ones!" I almost fainted! One girl next to me asked me how old I was and I said, "I'm almost 16" and she gave me a shocked look, saying, "No wonder he loves you!" He looked at me so many times I began to feel nauseous like I was in a dream, and his band members looked at me and smiled too! It was the best moment of my LIFE, just being a few inched away form JOHN MELLENCAMP and touching his sweet hands... I hope he remembers me... I was the only kid there <3
But anyway, that's awesome to hear that he rocked the house last night again! He never fails to entertain, that's for sure. Doesn't he leave you begging for more? Don't you just want to see him again!? I've only seen him live once but I can't believe it's already over. I know he'll be on tour again sometime. He just HAS to. And I will be there because I love him! <3

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