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Author Topic: Set the Date by Reisa Gerber  (Read 7057 times)
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« on: March 18, 2014, 02:10:31 pm »

Today I have been able to get to the bottom of my petty soul after three years on the site
and although I am writing six days early, I can't continue without taking notice of an ache inside that just might rock a table or two in authority by a darkness that threatens me today. And you know, a few days in a mental health unit to work on your medications costs the taxpayers more than one thousand dollars a day...and considering that I am sitting on the couch in a good friend's home who just made a joke about 'being in prison with me in the same cell and being told that neither of us can be released unless we 'set a date'...'
Now he says he's married to his two sunflower plants and they told him that 'they...would stop drooping and that they would thrive on the sill, because even plants have sex' and maybe 'Reisa is a vegetable' and asks me 'Aren't I having fun...and how he 'hates to miss the train, oh no...' he's 'feeling his sunflower up and he is going to fondle both of them and that'...'they are responding'. He can 'SEE IT RIGHT NOW'...and apparently, it's 42 degrees   here in M- - - - - - - - -...And I was told that he is going to 'listen to the radio' because he
can't seem to score with me'...but '...WHAT A T - - -!'
And now he knows I'm writing something and it's 'a blank page'...because it's about the two
of us 'doing it'...
Yes, he is funny...however, as a social outlet that may surpass John Mellencamp's, being as  'he is overloaded', and I quote, let's just end with this-
If we ever set a date for ... some impossible marriage, 'SURE'...I'll make it with the guy.
G-d bless the sweetheart.
Reisa L. Gerber
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Reisa L.Gerber
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