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601  MELLENCAMP.COM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Announcements & Updates / Re: 2010 Farm Aid Charity Auction Bids UPDATED 12:14pm ET 9/15 on: September 15, 2010, 11:20:34 am
Bids have been updated AGAIN! 

Awesome job everyone John will be proud!
602  MELLENCAMP.COM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Announcements & Updates / Re: 2010 Farm Aid Charity Auction Bids UPDATED 8:59am ET 9/15 on: September 15, 2010, 08:10:08 am
A great day of bidding yesterday!  All bids have been updated as of 8:59am 9/15
603  MELLENCAMP.COM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Announcements & Updates / Re: 2010 Farm Aid Charity Auction Bids UPDATED 7:43pm ET 9/14 on: September 14, 2010, 06:44:30 pm
Bids updated again!
604  MELLENCAMP.COM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Announcements & Updates / Re: 2010 Farm Aid Charity Auction Bids UPDATED 6:54pm ET 9/14 on: September 14, 2010, 06:13:01 pm
Bids have been updated as of 7:13pm ET 9/14
605  MELLENCAMP.COM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Announcements & Updates / Re: 2010 Farm Aid Charity Auction Bids UPDATED 10:57am ET 9/14 on: September 14, 2010, 10:01:45 am
Bids were updated again at 10:59am
606  MELLENCAMP.COM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Announcements & Updates / Re: 2010 Farm Aid Charity Auction Bids UPDATED 10:37am ET 9/14 on: September 14, 2010, 09:51:13 am
Bids have been updated 10:37am !

Good luck everyone!
607  MELLENCAMP.COM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Announcements & Updates / Re: 2010 Farm Aid Charity Auction Bids UPDATED 8:05 am ET 9/12 on: September 12, 2010, 07:29:17 am
Bids have been updated as of 8:05am 9/12
608  MELLENCAMP.COM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Announcements & Updates / Listen to John's Speech and Performance at the Americana Music Awards on: September 11, 2010, 01:57:21 pm
A fan has posted the audio of John's speech and performance at the Americana Music Awards from Thursday, September 9th, 2010. John was given their Lifetime Achievement Award for Songwriting at their event at Nashville TN's Ryman Auditorium. His friend Rosanne Cash presented him the award and John finished with a solo acoustic performance of "Save Some Time To Dream." head to the home page to check it out.
After the jump we have a larger version of the YouTube slideshow.
609  MELLENCAMP.COM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Announcements & Updates / Re: 2010 Farm Aid Charity Auction Bids UPDATED 8:53 am ET 9/9 on: September 09, 2010, 08:10:14 am
Two new items have been added.  Good luck everyone!
610  MELLENCAMP.COM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Announcements & Updates / Re: 2010 Farm Aid Charity Auction Bids UPDATED 8:53 am ET 9/9 on: September 09, 2010, 07:57:33 am
Bids have been updated as of 8:55am 9/9

611  MELLENCAMP.COM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Announcements & Updates / Re: 2010 Farm Aid Charity Auction Bids UPDATED 9:19am ET 9/8 on: September 08, 2010, 12:30:57 pm
Bids are updated as of 9:19am ET 9/8

Thanks to all who are bidding!
612  MELLENCAMP.COM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Announcements & Updates / No Better Than This #1 Fifth Week On The Americana Radio Chart - Request NBTT on: September 08, 2010, 09:07:48 am
John's new album, No Better Than This, is #1 for the fifth week on the Americana Radio chart!

The song along with the entire CD has been sent to multiple radio formats, including AAA, Americana and Non-Commercial.

If you want to support John's new album, call your local station in these formats and request the album, thanking them for playing it and let them know how much you love the record!

To find your local station in these formats please click HERE and search for your local area.
613  MELLENCAMP.COM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Announcements & Updates / The Tennessean: Honesty Still Drives John Mellencamp's Brand of Music on: September 07, 2010, 03:22:11 pm|+Tune+In+Music+City%29

Twenty-three years ago, amid radio directives to “walk like an Egyptian” and “wang chung tonight,” suddenly there arose a sprightly interplay of accordions and fiddles.

The instigator was John Mellencamp, the musical pugilist once known as Johnny Cougar. He was using his pop star status as a bully pulpit, proclaiming the validity of tradition-based American roots music and proving the commercial worth of what has come to be known as Americana.

On Thursday, Mellencamp will receive a lifetime achievement award for songwriting from the Americana Music Association. It’ll be the first formal acknowledgment of his impact on a music movement whose practitioners tend to rhapsodize about doomed “Cosmic American Music” enthusiast Gram Parsons, doomed song-poet Townes Van Zandt and other shadowy masters of jagged song.

Mellencamp’s name went unmentioned at past AMA awards shows, and yet the impact of 1980s albums such as Scarecrow and The Lonesome Jubilee is hard to dispute. With those works, he tweaked the ears of millions of listeners, helping make palatable a rootsy blend of largely acoustic instrumentation.

He did not invent the kind of music now made by Lucinda Williams, Buddy Miller, Jim Lauderdale and others, but he furthered its popular cause. And this year he has issued a nearly universally praised album called No Better Than This, which dwells in country and blues terrains and was recorded at three Americana Meccas: Sun Records in Memphis, the Gunter Hotel in San Antonio, where Robert Johnson first recorded, and the First African Baptist Church in Savannah, Ga., a former Underground Railroad hideout.

No Better Than This, which features contributions from Nashville bass man Dave Roe and from former Jason and the Scorchers guitarist Andy York, was produced by tastemaker T Bone Burnett. The musicians gathered around one RCA microphone and played and sang. Mellencamp’s 1980s hits weren’t recorded so simply, but neither were they exercises in artifice. They were Americana songs that happened upon unlikely popularity, and they impacted audiences and artists alike.

Mellencamp recently spoke with The Tennessean about his life and career, and about his dealings with one notable Music City pool shark.

No Better Than This is garnering the best reviews of your career. Surely that’s a point of pride?

Well, it’s interesting to me. I don’t live my life by reviews. If I did, I would have quit a long time ago. But I’m very happy that people are discovering this record in a very natural way.

It’s a different kind of album. And so was Lonesome Jubilee, back in 1987.

Yes, I was acutely aware of how different Lonesome Jubilee was, simply because the guy I was making records with (Don Gehman) spent the entire record fighting with me, saying, “Why are you doing this? You just made Scarecrow, and now why are we changing?” I said, “We’re not changing, just moving a little bit further. We’re progressing.”

Did the record company go along with that progression?

In the early ’80s, I made a record called American Fool, and the record company absolutely hated everything about it. They hated the songs, hated the production and hated me. But, much to their chagrin, or good fortune, it had two songs on it (“Hurts So Good” and “Jack & Diane”) that were both No. 1 records. That album turned out to be the largest-selling album of the year in 1982.

After something like that happens, it became “Well, we already told him we hated this record, so our advice to him is worthless.” I never had interference after that. Which is good. I really hate to be told what to do. I wrote “The Authority Song,” and it may be juvenile in its lyrical content, but I still feel the same way today.

Do you consider your songs to be Americana works?

After I learned to write songs, I had Woody Guthrie in one hand, Hank Williams and Smokey Robison in the other. Combining with Hank and Woody and all of a sudden putting the melodies — my strongest suit — with this type of folk music. I’ve always considered myself a folk singer. I read a review the other day that said, “John Mellencamp’s new record is like a lost Woody Guthrie record,” and I liked that.

In the new century, T Bone Burnett has introduced more people to roots music than anyone else, through his work on movie soundtracks and through his productions with Alison Krauss and Robert Plant, Jakob Dylan and others. What did he bring to this project for you?

I think the reason T Bone is so successful, and the reason I work with him, is (that) his sense of honesty toward the music is unparalleled. He’s my conscience in the studio.

When I started with T Bone, he’d go, “Why are you (cluttering) up this song with all this stuff you don’t need? Just put a bass and drums on it and let’s call it made.” It takes courage to expose a song so nakedly, and that’s one of the things people are responding to.

Of course, you’ve got to have the right bass and drums.

Yeah, and we did. Dave Roe on bass was absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t ask for a better guy to come play on it. He was spectacular. These guys had not heard any of those songs until I would go, “Okay, here’s the next song.” I’d play it on acoustic and we’d launch into it. No arrangements, and they all jumped right in.

You didn’t record any of this album in Nashville, but Nashville isn’t new to you.

I’ve been there a lot. One time, in probably 1985, I came to play at the arena, and I walked into the Hermitage Hotel, where I was staying. Turned out (billiards legend) Minnesota Fats was living there.

I was shooting around at the pool table, and this guy comes up and says, “You want to shoot for some money?” After he hustled me, he gave me a card that said, “You’ve just been hustled by Minnesota Fats.”

He also gave me one of my favorite lines. He was telling me how handsome he used to be. He said women used to follow him around with mattresses on their backs.

Isn’t that lucky, to have a story like that? I’m the luckiest guy in the music business. No matter who you are, nobody’s had more fun than me. I’ve had so much good fortune, it’s ridiculous. I’ve fought with many, but people love me just the same.

Tags: Americana Music Lifetime Achieve Award No Better Tha
614  MELLENCAMP.COM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Announcements & Updates / 2010 Farm Aid Charity Auction Bids UPDATED ENDED on: September 02, 2010, 01:31:30 pm

Begins September 6th at 10AM with bidding ending on September 17th,  at 12PM ET giving us almost 2 weeks of bidding.

First and foremost a huge thank you goes out to all of the fans, that donate items, and bid on these great items. We could not accomplish this without YOU.  As you know the Farm Aid Auction has been a huge success over the last five years. John and the staff at Farm Aid are always amazed how the Mellencamp fans pull together to help support the family farmer!

All funds we raise including anyone that would like to donate will be credited to "The members of Community

Payment is expected within 10 days of the auction ending. Checks, money orders and paypal will be accepted. Please note that Paypal takes a fee. We are going to present the charitable contribution at Farm Aid 2010 so it is essential that payment is received within the ten days of the auction ending so all payments are clear and one check can be issued. The staff at Farm Aid will receive a list of all of the fan club member's names that donate and/or win an auction item and receive a thank you letter from them. Please serious bidders only. Good luck and thanks for your support!

Below are the easy to bid step by step directions:

To bid on any of these items simply email
Put the NUMBER and ITEM DESCRIPTION in the SUBJECT of your email
Your bid amount
Name, Address, Phone number in the body of the email

You will receive an email back of receipt of your bid; when and if someone bids higher than you we will notify you by email and let you have the chance to bid again! It's that simple! (If you do not get an email back IMMEDIATELY DON’T PANIC!) I go by the time the email is received. I will do my best to get back to all bidders in a timely manner.

Once there is a bid on an item I put the highest bids in red text

If you want to donate please email we take donations up until the end of the auction!

Item No. 1
Farm Aid Package - 2009 Farm Aid Bandanna, Autographed Water Bottle, Brand New Never Been Worn Size M 2009 Farm Aid T Shirt
High Bid $45.00

Item No. 2
Brand New Never Been Word Autographed Skull Guitar Baseball Cap
High Bid $150.00

Item No. 3
Billboard Magazine John Mellencamp Century Award Donated By Lori Hoag
High Bid $20.00

Item No. 4
Club Cherry Bomb Jersey Size Small T Shirt Donated By Kathy Kepchar
High Bid $40.00

Item No. 5
The Mellencamp Bundle Donated By Kim King
High Bid $50.00
ROCK in the USA Album Cover (no record is included)

The Kid Inside Album cover (no record is included)

Wild Night Cassette

Scarecrow Album (Record Included)

American Fool (Record Included)

Nothin Matters and What If It Did (Record Included)

New Years Eve Poster

Cuttin Heads Poster

Item No. 6
Autographed John Mellencamp Audio Tour
High Bid $300.60

Item No. 7
Extremely Rare Autographed John Cougar American Fool Flag
High Bid $60.00

Item No. 8
Autographed Mr. Happy Go Lucky Postcards and CD Book Donated by Lori Hoag
High Bid $75.00

Item No. 9
Hand Stamped Sterling Silver Doubled Disc Soldered "Save Some Time To Dream" with a clear swarvoski charm necklace Donated By Cindy Briggs
High Bid $75.00

Item No. 10
Autographed Jon E Gee T Shirt
Starting Bid $25.00

Item No. 11
The 45 Collection
Factory, Miami, Peaceful World, Authority Song, Pink Houses, Check It Out, Love And Happiness, ROCK in the USA, A Peaceful World, Small Town, Lonely Ol Night, Cherry Bomb, Rain On The Scarecrow, Rooty Toot Toot, Jackie Brown, Paper in Fire, Pop Singer
High Bid $75.00

Item No. 12
No Better Than This Merchandise Premium Ticket Package (TICKED NOT INCLUDED) Donated By Jane Shawver
High Bid $80.00
Exclusive John Mellencamp Concert Shirt Size Large
Collectible Tour Poster (limited, numbered)
Limited edition vinyl copy of John Mellencamp’s new album No Better Than This
Commemorative Tour Laminate

Item No. 13
Troubled Land Posters (2) Donated By Jeri McCabe
High Bid $20.00

Item No. 14
Rural Electrification Tour XL Sweatshirt Donated By Lori Stubbs
High Bid $40.00

Item No. 15
Dane Clark Drums Sticks
Starting Bid

A Special thank you goes out to John for taking the time to create these pieces of art for us! From the man himself! THANK YOU JOHN!
Item No. 16 -
Hand Written and Framed - No Better Than This John Mellencamp 2010
High Bid $300.00

Item No. 17
High  Bid $500.00
Hand Written and Framed  - Between A Laugh and A Tear Smile in the mirror as you walk by John Mellencamp 2010

Item No. 18
High Bid $300.00
Hand Written and Framed  - My family and friends are the best things I've known. Through the eye of the needle I'll carry them home. John Mellencamp 2010

Item No. 19
High Bid $250.00
Hand Written and Framed  - Oh Yeah, They say life goes on long after the thrill of livin is gone  John Mellencamp 2010

Item No. 20
High Bid $600.00
Hand Written and Framed  - Life is Short, Even in its longest Days John Mellencamp 2010

Item No. 21
John Mellencamp Battery Operated Clock with Stand
High Bid $20.00

Item No. 22
Human Wheels Sticker and Small Town Guitar Fly Swatter
Starting Bid

Item No. 23
Autographed On The Rural Route 7609 Box Set
Starting Bid $150.00

Item No. 24
Handmade Farm Aid Pillow from 1985 Bandanas
High Bid $20.00

Item No. 25 Minute To Memories Newsletters Issue #24 1994!  - through 2003!
Donated by Lori Hoag
High Bid $40.00
615  MELLENCAMP.COM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Promote John / Promote No Better Than This Street Team Activities + NBTT Banners! on: September 01, 2010, 02:06:45 pm
The release of No Better Than This is a great time to show your support of John and help spread the word of his career and music.  There are a number of helpful things fans can do right now with the album out fresh is the following:

FAN REVIEWS - Log onto iTunes, and other music sites and post your review/comments on the new album. Be honest, you don't have to say you think it's Johns best album ever if you don't feel that way, but post your comments, educate readers about the project and encourage them to check it out. Most importantly make sure you vote/rate the album.

TELL THE WORLD - Post to your Facebook/blog/Twitter letting the world know the album is out and that people should check it out. Tell them to head to the jukebox at the top right of's home page. Click the pop out player to listen to the album while browsing the site.

REQUEST - Please continue to request the song & album at the stations / radio formats mentioned in this news article:
BANNERS - These banners are perfect for blogs / MySpace / Facebook / Twitter / Message board signatures etc. Graphics like this really help spread the word about the box set. The banners and promotion should direct people to or more specifically this page that contains all of the information about the project. Use the HTML code to embed them on your website (Please note to delete the [/url] text out of the code.

Embed Code
<a target="_blank" href=""><img border="0" src=" " width="160" height="600">[/url]

Embed Code
<a target="_blank" href=""><img border="0" src=" " width="250" height="125">[/url]

Embed Code
<a target="_blank" href=""><img border="0" src=" " width="300" height="250">[/url]

Embed Code
<a target="_blank" href=""><img border="0" src=" " width="468" height="120">[/url]

Embed Code
<a target="_blank" href=""><img border="0" src=" " width="728" height="90">[/url]

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