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1  NON-JOHN DISCUSSION / The Melting Pot / Getting It Together on the Internet on: November 11, 2017, 09:38:08 pm
This evening I was trying to record a cassette tape of John Mellencamp's more classic songs, such as his hit songs from 1978-88...I finished it off with "Man With No Expression" and smiled inside thin king about life...because I do relate to the "lack of emotion"...if this is actually believable, I have not cried since probably the midnineties...
but I laughed for about an hour last month. I'm very very
and confidential to Aerosmith fans...I do
"...take out the trash...". And frankly, as a person involved in the throes of the system, that's your answer. So.
But there is a redeeming thing...
I teach a warmup exercise class Monday through Friday in the mornings as I have mentioned prior and tonight as I recorded songs from the more classic C.D.s and ended with "Cherry Bomb", I felt like a societal success at last! Now I am using poor old Mellencamp
in a positive way! The cherry on the
...The only problem is..."why was John Mellencamp laughing on the editted version of "whenever we wanted to"
the middle of "Get a Leg Up"? Did I do something wrong?
My avenues of expression can sometimes be lonely for me and I do appreciate replies.
But I hope to have this letter posted.  As in "The Authority Song"...."I fight authority, authority, always win..."
I have learned to respect the Community and hopefully in time, the other sites I post on will be respected as well, important, because I have a special message...probably the
best thing of all! I have a picture of John Mellencamp and his old flame "setting each other on fire" so long ago on ____ the full album "whenever we wanted to"... And even a little part of this amazing musician's real life, even one musical line, just wouldn't do him justice...because I do think he's worth "a million years...before he feels like this..."with a real friend or l.u.v...his own words cover this on "cutting heads" 2001...and what a tragedy...a "little peep" as I sit with my friend eating b.l.t.s...yass
it's all relative. we don't hafta do if we don't wanna do. So we try to " it up..."...especially if we're over 21. It will shine when we're all adult...b.r.t.s ie: conf.
I have an artists site on TUMBLR..."flagbarer" hooray for tomorrow...and to make it totally real, my real relationship with the Community, exhibiting my own photography, will be transferred to TUMBLR.High price for justice, but alright...
I enjoy my experiences in the Community, although 3 times it's been tenuous lmao, right?....I speak with high hopes for the future although "when a major fan wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, the ripples in the potato, chip..."and of course, as a shrink would say, "what does that mean to you?"
2  NON-JOHN DISCUSSION / The Melting Pot / RIP Tom Petty on: October 30, 2017, 10:22:12 pm
 I had written a sad note as to Tom Petty and his passing but I started to ramble and I deleted it. However, I do not want the time to go bye without letting my feelings out about how sad and momentous this is to me. I am a big Petty fan, although I am not familiar with the Heartbreakers...but my reality focus was on Tom...I knew that he had a kind heart as to his music and that although  "" Here Comes My Girl" was a reject song, that " ...he wouldn't " let go " like most rejectees are just subdued and "split on..." Rejection is my favorite inspiration, and he had music that could help me a lot. Kin of like bridging the only original thing you have with another's words. But, of course, you can say that about any lyric...known or unknown.
I teach a movement class at a social club, which is very important in my life, and I play lots of his music. So, you can only IMAGINE how I felt when a big part of my current dance music just though I may be comin' off weird, I do want to just thank his people, etc., for all the dancing and singing his music has brought me throughout the years.
Free Falling, Out in the Great Wide Open, Runnin' Down a Dream, Here Comes My Girl, Last Dance for Maryjane, I'm Learning to Fly, I Won't Back Down, Stop Draggin' My Heart Around(with Stevie Nicks), Don't Do Me Like That, and my cute fave, No Second Thought, mostly from his greatest hit album, earlier stuff, I guess, just affected me a lot.
And that's all I want to say. This was too early an RIP for my understanding.
3  NON-JOHN DISCUSSION / The Melting Pot / I've Had A L.U.V. Of My Own on: December 03, 2016, 06:45:32 am
I learned this from reading about John Mellencamp himself, and I really feel happy to be celebrating my senior years with the voice of understanding from someone who is able to X-press the feelings we get as we grow older, and not just from someone in their twenties who gets paid to make you pretend you 💘
every second of your
You pacify each other with clear understanding about your "red flag" symptoms as to "...the drag addicted" or the "mentally ill"...(freedom's road)...
depression, satanic influence and b a d omens, mental telepathy, supposedly universal "color codes", and similarly known by others, " number codes", subliminal orders ("let it be already!" I tell myself), a crooked mind, a sexual pervert, a victim of coercion, "such and such a song" was written for me...ghost writers are the majorly responsible authors of my writing and "wit" ( copped), dream telepathy, audial and visual hallucinations (hearing voices or seeing things)... and of course, we call all that "dumping"... I call it. "reassurance" that I know what my "symptoms" are so noone gets worried...but most public posts will not publish references to "psychotic symptoms" And an extent, I guess, some of this "s-h-i-t " is real...but here is the a way to reassure people and not have them worried about me or scared that I "sound crazy"..?i.e. conf: "i-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi"...??? isn't funny??? But I smile in public places, reassuring people that the "meds" (as they call it) they pay for are helping me.
And here is my creation, imagination at worst:
"I am 61 years old and I am also a senior citizen. I have earned the right to get cranky and cantankerous every once in awhile. I do not want you in my face and I will sit in this chair alone until you go..." I mean, I don't MEAN to act the vegetable, perhaps a stringbean or a head of lettuce, ("abichuelas" and "lechuga" in Spanish)...but "the kids" will always "carry on" until they get what they want. Okay.. ."GET THE...!" For my 💰, you hafto be real. But "don't listen to ME" is right for the
saddest compromise of the human race.
And I do not want to be bothered with pictures of cute little rock and roll sweethearts from a million years ago! Or l.u.v. ly picture paintings with beautiful
X-pressions of past l.u.v. ... We know what a feeling is and we know how to give it the dignity...yeah.
But "shutup" is the only thing I know to obey  right now.
And have a good night everyone..."I've had a l.u.v. of my own"...and "good-bye" seems right 4 the moment.
Hey check out the site, right? Check out the site. 😎

4  MELLENCAMP DISCUSSION / All About John / Human Wheels Critique (especially Pat Peterson) on: May 23, 2016, 03:33:24 am
I noticed John Mellencamp's rendition
of "What if I Came Knocking?" , a Human Wheels"
song, where he sings about "his heart" going
through the changes after "just a few weeks"
and that "'s not really meant to be..."
But the real racketeer rewards on this record
goes to his exband member Pat Peterson/sp?
Her backup vocal work is so, so neat. On the video
that the Mellencamp people put out on "What if I
Came Knocking?"
..." the fact that her heart was so into it
was so clear...and it was beautiful.
But also, on that album. Funny French Shoes, To
The River, Case 795, Suzanne and the Jewels,
and When Jesus Left Birmingham, show her vocal
talents off in an unequivocal way. I try to cop off
her parts sometimes...but I am not a soprano.
Wailing is what she does on the high notes, and
there is no comparison.
This, of course, is only reflected
on her work in one album...
And now there comes a heartfelt dream to leave the band "...and he'll sing it, too!"...
Because she's all the beautiful hearts with John Mellencamp. That's just what she is..."heathen, among friends..." And that is Pat. The kind of mama you'd give your night to see.
5  MELLENCAMP DISCUSSION / The Band / Local Mellencamp fan club fans wanted on: December 16, 2015, 04:36:59 pm
For a long time after I got into John's band, I still had trouble distinguishing who was who.
When Lisa G. and Pat P. left, I started to get into Miriam S., his violinist, and although I
know the names and a little more, like who Andy York is, but the drummer and the band member who plays on that old steel bass fiddle cause me intolerable grief! You know, the
violin, the viola, the cello, and then the giant one, I guess that's the bass...
"...making music to the rhythm of his steel bass guitar,
     singing sweetly to the woman that he carries in his heart..."... you know,
that really big one that you don't lift to play...
and in "Key Largo", that little piccolo backup is so cool.
This really gets me amazed by the talent of this band...
I caught the duet in-betweens Andy and Miriam during one of the Farm Aid's concerts,
and it was just beautiful...
My work is often laced with faux pas contributions, so it could only be a question of correct
attributes...because I could just go on and on...
"I'm down and out in Paradise,
 I'm down and out, I'm on my knees!
 I'm down and out, in Paradise,
 Looks like the land of milk and honey done run out on me!"
I doubt it. Oughtta have a local John Mellencamp fan club, really. Thanks, Mr.Sickboy! I am soooo in the dark!
6  MELLENCAMP.COM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Ask / Question from Someone Who Isn't a Computer Age Baby on: December 09, 2015, 01:53:37 pm
I'm learning how to post pictures. I'm not a computer age baby,
but I think I got it down...

7  MELLENCAMP DISCUSSION / All About John / Take two: Racketeer and her best vision on: October 04, 2015, 05:31:15 pm
Slow down,'re moving too fast,
"kick it in" the cobblestone,
As though this breath could...1,2,3...
Hi...this morning was kind of "out to get me..." and I deleted my post...
I would like to write it down again, if that's goes...
"...although it's been over five years since I've seen John Mellencamp in concert live, my latent 20/20 vision would love to see him "talk it up" on teevee...maybe late night or
a morning show...I've caught some stuff on You Tube, too...learned some stuff...
about his music, and, most of all, hope he's happy. As an artist, he has given much to society
and the Community is where I get to admire his talent and make my own comments, knowing that I personally don't get "in his way..."... That line is the boundary of appropriateness that of course, we
have to face...even me, who wouldn't even get that idea across if I didn't
throw my own "...guitar..." out the door, right?
But, as Joni Mitchell sang, " can't hold the hand of a rock and roll man!"...adulation is
cool, up to a point, but that's kind of where it ends...everyone wants to be a rock and roll star...but, s-h-i-t, I'm almost sixty.
And...nothing's for certain anyhow. I almost rode my bike into traffic yesterday. The wheel blew
one minute after I crossed the road...
And like in "Blue Charlotte", "'s a slow walk to the grave..."alarming. I hope that John
will live to enjoy his seventies and his lives longer with every decade nowadays...and I wish John Mellencamp nothing but the best and continued "Love and Happiness".
8  MELLENCAMP DISCUSSION / All About John / Provocative on: September 28, 2015, 05:06:19 am
We look in the other direction sometimes, in order to avoid the "blab" that we hear, maybe because it' "ouch!" see someone "caught" in an embarrassing situation.
Some of us can "rightly" confront a human error with a "mellow kindness" without making this imperfection into the "butt" of a joke. Victims of rejection find themselves embarassed to show their issues in front of someone who would normally turn them down.
"Freedom to write down these lines" without "the heat of your frustration" by expressing what may be going on inside... In "Plain Spoken", an example is "Sometimes there's God"...yearning as I often do, for "...witness you can rise above..." and that bit of "redemption..." that "...would help us a lot...". But yeah. The wheel is turning, and "...look away, look away..." in  
"Blue Charlotte" yields to a lover's inability, if I can muster up some dignity, and that is kind of new language for me to hear, and I must admit, it feels weird...provocative, at least. Just
trying to make sense of the album....However, I may be on to something, such as...a reason.
9  MELLENCAMP DISCUSSION / All About John / Everything is True on: September 03, 2015, 08:45:34 am
As summertime comes to an end, and I think of the sunshine and a tan and maybe sipping on a lemonade now and then, I remember wen my best friend down the road came to take me to see Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Bob Dylan at the Woodstock Museum in Bethel, New York in 2009. The most outstanding memory I have was John's rendition of "Deep Blue Heart".
"I see us both flying in the clear, blue sky,
 Floating over the ocean with the sun in our eyes...
 Caught up in the moment, just me and you,
 In complete honesty,
 Everything is true..."...then he adds in ..."that's how  I wanted it to be..."??!
"W-h-u-z-z-a-h??"  Then, like, "not for sure??" I mean, I'm not the girl here...but I would have had a heart attack being addressed like that. A little more assurance would've been nice, right? Lemonade laced with a little😅😉 ...oh yeah yeah yeah! Who is this poor guy "Mister Sickboy" ? Lol
Well, just "a little place for myself" anyway anyhow...
In a deep blue heart.

10  MELLENCAMP.COM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Tech Support / HI...I'm racketeer and I'm sorry on: August 25, 2015, 07:07:27 pm
When a kid goes to school, especially high school, the topics are divided into
different classes. Like, you don't speak about geometry in English class, and you don't wear your gym shorts to Spanish...right?
I like how the community is set up, so that I can prepare different topics for different  subjects, and I like to do that.
I wanted to say that although I only had three posts in my new user name, racketeer,
I didn't do rough sketches about what I meant to say, and as a result, I goofed and had to
delete my three posts...I doubt anyone really noticed, but the posts were not really too
groovy, and as a result I'm back to square one and I'd like to try again to be a part of the Community using rough sketches before I jot down my free I'm sorry...
I don't like to raise eyebrows as I don't always take other reactions home with me...
but at the end of the day, I know I will...
not my dream to let it all hang out, but okay.
So, my apologies. We're all stuck with each other in this world. but only to a certain point.
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