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Title: Ft. Lauderdale Concert......WTF....
Post by: Matt111 on March 06, 2011, 06:44:29 pm
Was not, what I expected……

Well, I finally went to see my first John Cougar Mellencamp concert on 3/3/11 in S. Florida.
I must admit, myself and everyone else was VERY disappointed!  We all wanted to hear the hits throughout the years, not the new bluegrass stuff! I have been hearing for a long time how good his concerts were and I finally went to rekindle my childhood. He sang songs that all sounded alike. Even the documentary left everyone stunned! (What was that?)  He even mentioned to the audience that the old stuff is the past and he wants to move on!!!! However, the old stuff is what the fans want to hear. I know that he recently stated that he feels like a “Monkey” playing the same old songs, but that’s what the fans want. My grandfather worked on the assembly line for Ford motor company for over 30 years. Sure he was tired doing the same mundane task every day, but it was his job! Cougar even butchered the song “Jackie & Diane” My Favorite! When he sang this, it was nowhere near the original. I have never been to a concert before where all I did was look at my watch waiting for it to be over! It was that bad!!! I wish john would offer a refund, because I would be first in line. I was not the only one who felt this way. Other concert goers were leaving. We all wanted to let loose and dance, but couldn’t. I can’t believe that “John” didn’t notice it. Every time he would play an old song the crowd would rush to the stage, in hopes that this was the start of a string of hits.  However, he left us walking back to our seats! I would advise that any fan who wants to hear the hits, to stay away from this tour. I have never left negative feedback before about past concerts, but that’s how upset I am with this one!


Mr. Disappointed  >:(

Title: Re: Ft. Lauderdale Concert......WTF....
Post by: ingmarjoyce on March 06, 2011, 10:12:24 pm
do you not follow music? Let me guess, you are the guy who goes to the fairs and listens to bands from your high school era (with your Varsity letter jacket, buzzed, and talking about who you scammed on while Cougar was playing)!! WTF! When you pay more than 20 bucks for a ticket, check out the show description. For your info, the last 2 cds by John are perfect and are a reflection of life and the ages around us. Genre? Doesn't matter, but it reeks of Americana and integrity. I have been following John for 20 some years...the show in Clearwater was artistic, authentic, and gave off a raw clarity the music of today lacks.......simplified to the roots, yet, poetic and perfect with the integrity of the best of the last century of music...The band was tight alao....vocals perfect. John is an active artist going through some excellent reinventions. I would have been sick if I had heard a jukebox of hits...I love the new album and the tracks from the previous 3 cds sounded excellent live! Buy the greatest hits next time. A live show should take you to a different state of being, perception, or just relaxation.  What an ass you are!!!!!! I am glad you spent big bucks on this show......idiot!

Title: Re: Ft. Lauderdale Concert......WTF....
Post by: walktall2010 on March 06, 2011, 11:18:18 pm
Few of the hard-core Mellencamp fans want to hear the same tired old hits. We want to hear the other geat songs that never get played live. John is delivering those songs on this tour, and hopefully on every tour for the remainder of his career. Sorry you aren't familiar with enough of his catalog to enjoy those songs.

Title: Re: Ft. Lauderdale Concert......WTF....
Post by: bjmjpl on March 07, 2011, 12:18:10 pm
I just think this tour was promoted as different.  He literally said not to come if you want to hear the hits....

hopefully he will play a big arena tour and play his usual concerts with the hits etc...but this is a special tour and was promoted that way...

I understand your being upset, but this wasnt a surprise - you obviously know how to get to this website, i think his quote is on the front page...

Title: Re: Ft. Lauderdale Concert......WTF....
Post by: walktall2010 on March 07, 2011, 02:03:57 pm

hopefully he will play a big arena tour and play his usual concerts with the hits etc...but this is a special tour and was promoted that way...

I disagree. I hope he never does an arena "hits" tour ever again, and I would say the chances of him doing that at this point in his career are pretty slim. I'll be just fine if I never hear "Lonely 'Ol Night" or "Hurts So Good" played live again. Give me the album tracks over the hits any day of the week.

Title: Re: Ft. Lauderdale Concert......WTF....
Post by: Lurinda on March 07, 2011, 02:53:00 pm
:) :) :)  Loved It - wouldn't change a thing! :) :) :)   

Title: Re: Ft. Lauderdale Concert......WTF....
Post by: susan_shanks on March 07, 2011, 03:31:04 pm
I'm just happy he's still playing!  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Title: Re: Ft. Lauderdale Concert......WTF....
Post by: bradsanders56 on March 08, 2011, 02:03:34 pm
I realize I am not Mr. Super Poster here.  But, I love how somebody's 1st post is to come on here to gripe about a show.  The show was well done and well played by JM.  In the day of internet and people posting a set list, you can find out what he is playing BEFORE you go to the show.  Personally, I would have picked a substantially diffrent set list.  But, JM has never asked me my opinion about his playlist.  And, I was able to appreciate his new music a little more than I did.  I actually like West End now.  So that is a start.

While I am posting, I owe JM an apology.  The movie was well done, too.  I came on here and predicted a politcally devisive piece.  I was wrong and I am sorry.

Brad Sanders

Title: Re: Ft. Lauderdale Concert......WTF....
Post by: edhead on March 09, 2011, 04:05:17 pm
Dear Mr Disappointed, here might be why you were:

Clue #1) you still use "Cougar"?!   he gave that up, umm, 25 years ago?
Clue #2) your favorite song is "Jackie" and Diane?  who is Jackie?
Clue #3) you want to "rekindle" your childhood.  Umm look in the mirror.    Not happening.
Clue #4) "We wanted to hear the hits" It has been made crystal clear that this was not what this tour is about.

Anyone who goes to concerts (that aren't in a casino) knows that that the performer is goiing to play a bunch of thier newest album.  So what you do is listen to it first, and if you don't like it, don't go.  Simple as that.

And god bless your grandfather and thank him for me as I am a Ford man.  But Ford did not lasso him and tie him to the asembly line; he asked them for a job, and they gave him one.  It was HIS CHOICE to stay there 30 years.  He could've picked up a guitar when he was young like JM did, but he didn't. HIS choice.  Your rationale that your grandfather did his same old same old job for 30 years so John should do the same old same old for you is very strange.

Needless to say I thought the show was incredible, and was exactly what I expected as I did my research.  I also realize that you are not alone in your feelings as  I spoke to some like you after the 3 shows that I attended.

My advice:  save your money on concert tickets and just keep listening to your Johnny Cougar cassettes. I am glad John's music touched you in some way, even if it was while Reagan was president.

Title: Re: Ft. Lauderdale Concert......WTF....
Post by: petenkaren on March 09, 2011, 10:52:28 pm
While I disagree with the opening post, we are all entitled to our feelings.

That said, it doesn't even seem possible to me that anyone would attend the "No Better Than This" show expecting to hear 20+ songs from the 80's.

I know this show is not for everyone.  That is precisely why us fans who have lived through ALL of JM's re-inventions appreciate this show.  We have heard the Greatest Hits for years live.  Sorry this was your 1st show and you were not happy, but shock is not what you should be feeling here.  It is what all of us Mellenheads are feeling about your reaction to a well-advertised experience.