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Title: Videos from Philadelphia show Feb 21, 2011
Post by: edhead on February 22, 2011, 09:27:20 pm
Here are all my videos from the fan-friggin-tastic show in Philadelphia last nite.  If I was smart enough I would embed the videos but I have not yet had time to figure out how to do that.  What I find easiest is follow the first link and then just look at the rest of my videos (I am ConcertFANatic)  What a great show it was. I also posted links to my videos from NYC on the NBTT Tour talk page under NYC of course.  AS I said there I apolgize for not having complete songs but I need to not pay attention to the camera and pay attention to the show; so all of mine are clips, some short and some long.  I also think John and company don't really want cameras in their face all nite.....hope you enjoy!!!!

John Cockers:

Walk Tall:

Check It Out:

Save Some Time To Dream:

Easter Eve:

Hymn into Scarecrow:

What If I Came Knocking:

End of ROCK in the USA, featuring a girl from the audience:

If I can I really need to get to a few more shows before this AWESOME tour ends!!!!!