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Title: my story
Post by: tammylee1963 on January 28, 2011, 09:39:17 pm
hello my name is tammy and i have to tell you i have been a john mellencamp FAN since before the scarecrow tour! my ex husband swore i was a fan before that but i kept telling him i was into skynyrd and the greatful dead! however it doesnt matter my kids now 29 and 26 have grown up with me! when they were little i used to drive them around in my 1981 camaro listening to check it out! i used to say the words and they would gleefully say check it out! i just want everyone to know it was a good time! our lives are forever changed by his music i have seen him 4 times and wish i took my kids! i want to thank john and his band for all the memories they providied!!!!!!!!


Title: Re: my story
Post by: Steve6Mathews on April 08, 2011, 06:00:22 am
I am also a huge fan of John Mellencamp since from childhood. Loved his recently released album "No Better Than This" a lot, so decided to attend his live concert while his tour to Europe in the summer of 2011. But was wondering when it exactly going to start!!

Title: Re: my story
Post by: lunworks on May 08, 2012, 03:31:16 pm
Scarecrow started a long history in my life. I love the ex when you referred to your husband, How would you have liked going to that concert and marrying one of John's crew 34 days later! Yes it lasted 13 yrs. and I got the bad end of the stick.... wasn't John he tried and warn me. Love for the music is what drew me in. I still listen to Sacrecrow,love the old,new and Farm Aid stuff!! John has done so much to be from Indiana. I got to Ca. left the small town behind will never forget the memories,listen to his music everyday. The 1st songs my kids knew was his. They are grown now also,still love it! I would love to see him again, I'm ??? :-X thinking of writing a on the bus all of those months....and what followed. I have been asked before but wasn't ready.
How great is it to see how much,how far John has branched out!! I respect him for things unless you were there never would know. He stuck always to what he believed in. A huge part of my life is caught in between Scarecrow, next couple of tours. I have heard so many of the people I knew from then are now past. Sad ! John rocks on and does it in a what seems to be a new way! I hope to get a few minutes with him again one day....if not maybe my book will get into his hands. Rock on John!! I am a fan like no other (maybe Pat) Gods many blessing to all of the fans!!!